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They are able to "share" 100,000+ per month with just WeChat red envelopes?

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I believe many people have played WeChat Red Packet, and WeChat Red Packet has become a way of communication for Internet socialization.

It is with the powerful natural traffic pool of WeChat that some people are thinking of doing something "big" with WeChat.

"A round of the WeChat Red Packet game takes about three or four minutes, with wins and losses ranging from a few thousand dollars to 70,000 or 80,000 dollars."

"There are 30 or 40 'trustees' in a group, and only about 20 of them are actually involved."

"With an upfront investment of $30,000 to $50,000 and a 5 percent shareholding, the average monthly 'dividend' is more than $100,000."


This is the confession of a suspect in a recent WeChat red packet game case busted by Shenzhen police. Since 2017, Shenzhen's procuratorial authorities alone have approved the arrest of 26 cases and 71 people for using WeChat Red Packets and QQ Red Packets to open casinos, with the highest amount involved reaching more than 60 million yuan.

Seeing this news, I had to remind me that I was accidentally pulled into a mahjong group inside by a friend before, and it turned out that they were the group they used to play mahjong APP in which they were looking for mahjong friends or losers to send red packets exclusively. The number of yards per game in the group interaction, choose the number of mahjong games inside the app, you can usually choose 8 or 10 games, after the end of the 8 or 10 games to clear the count, the loser will lose the number of red packets they send to the group itself, others can not grab, only a few people involved in playing mahjong to grab red packets from each other.

However, this is only the most rudimentary way to play it.

Since 2015, the WeChat red envelope game has been constantly renovated, from the initial "relay" category, where the person who grabs the smallest red envelope loses and continues to send red envelopes.

(a) To the "minesweeper" category, where the person who grabs a specific number of tails loses, and to "guess the tails", where the person who guesses the wrong number loses.

Until the current "point scramble", where the smallest point loses ...... The patterns are getting more and more fancy and the amounts are getting bigger and bigger.

The winner of a "point" game does not depend on the size of the red packet, but on the size of the last three digits of the packet added together. For example, a $12.07 bonus is noted as 2+0+7=9 points. The dealer and the participant grab the red packet at the same time and fight for the red packet points, the bigger one wins; the points also represent the winning and losing multiplier.

Even if there is no artificial manipulation of the game results, WeChat game bureau is full of numerous "trustees", the so-called trustees, not just artificial control (in a group of fifty, there are thirty people are arranged by themselves, while the remaining real players are only a few people, players are easily compelled to participate in the game, and pay the corresponding price).


Red Envelope

Not only that, there is a divine mechanic behind it, which is the red packet grabbing plug-in software, commonly known as: the plug-in magic tool that doesn't miss any red packet.

With the ever-changing format of the WeChat Red Packet game, of course, this magic tool is constantly being upgraded to help complete the task of grabbing the largest or smallest packet, or just the tail number, which can also be set on it, as well as the "cow packet", which is a number that adds up to a multiple of 10.

And is the software free?

Of course not, the red packet software initially appeared in the public eye in the form of free, see the number of downloads continue to climb, the developers thought that this is a tool that can make money, to charge a certain fee to obtain a license to use, and constantly upgrade the version of the function, according to the different needs of users to charge different fees.

These software are not authorized by Tencent. They are forced to intercept the transmission data between the WeChat client and the server in real time, read and modify the WeChat client's reading of the server's packet return data, and then realize the automatic red packet grabbing, see-through red packet and other related cheating functions.

Apparently, these cheat feature software also has this certain risk of being stolen, as well as information being harvested, and the developer can advance to swipe a second wave of transactions, which is to sell the user's information to earn a profit.


selling micro signals

For the collected WeChat groups, forming a natural traffic pool, it would be a shame to really just use it to play the WeChat Red Packet game.

Use micro-signal groups to explicitly price and sell in bulk. There are people dedicated to buying micro-signals and WeChat "zombie groups" for gambling.

And where do these micro-signals and "zombie groups" come from?

i. Registration using the mobile phone number of a virtual operator or an offshore operator.

Second, the same ID card authenticates multiple WeChat payment accounts.

15 to $20 for a WeChat signal and $230 for a WeChat group. The bought micro-signals are provided to the "trustees" and used to raise the atmosphere of the red packet game.


WeChat groups change daily

In order to prevent the WeChat group from being blocked by the platform, these WeChat groups that act as "online games" have become "daily throw type". "We keep changing to a new weibo group every day." One user, who wished to remain anonymous, told the editor.

WeChat red packet was originally a tool to increase the fun of life and promote the feelings of friends and relatives, because a few dollars of small profit destroyed the fun, not only facing the danger of sealing, but also stepping on the edge of the law, it is not worth.

Warm tip: Stepping on the risk of the law to profit is really dangerous, do not pit yourself and harm others.

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