This master of national studies was considered a major scandal in the world of national studies, received 9 marriages and was scolded by his teacher's mother

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The title of guru means respect in our minds and generally these gurus are portrayed in a very positive and positive light. There are exceptions, however. In the Republican period, there was such a master.

I don't know if you have heard of Huang Kan, who is very famous in the Republic. Huang Kan studied in Japan with Lu Xun, and also taught at Peking University and others. Huang Kan also did a lot of surprising things, and some people called him crazy.

Huang Kan's life of debauchery and lust was also considered a major scandal in the national academy. Huang Kan was married 9 times in his life, and 2 of them were his students, which was a cause of much discontent at the time, and many others attacked him in published publications. However, Huang Kan really looks a bit scummy in the present. Living with another woman and registering his marriage under another name when he and his first wife weren't divorced is really unfathomable.

Later, when Huang Kan got tired of this woman, he found an excuse to go to Peking and never returned. Huang Kan returned to Beijing to teach, and his relationship with another female student came to light. What's even more irritating is that both women are already pregnant with his child and both have been abandoned. At this time, Huang Kan's teacher, Mrs. Zhang Taiyan, was very angry because one of these women was very close to her. Huang Kan's master mother then berated Huang Kan as a shamelessly clothed beast. Later, Huang Kan also died of excessive drinking, and at this time he was accompanied by another woman. I have to say, Huang Kan really hurt the hearts of too many people, and made these things are also disgraceful, as a master of national education or to pay attention to their words and actions is better.

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