This self-driving class at MIT will allow you to build your own "unmanned car" afterwards

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Overview of Deep Learning and Autonomous Driving (1)

30 minutes in length

With Chinese subtitles

This unmanned vehicle course, offered by MIT MIT, is cutting-edge in topic and very hands-on in nature. The course starts with an introduction to deep learning, after which you can "build" your own unmanned car (the algorithm)!

The course is geared towards machine learning novices , but researchers who already have a great deal of experience can also benefit from the hands-on approach to deep learning and applications offered in the course.

Course Lead Lex Fridman and the TA Team

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What Digest found most interesting about this class were the two hands-on projects that required hands-on work, one called DeepTraffic and one called DeepTesla.

DeepTraffic Amazingly enough neural network code writing, model training, testing and committing can be done in the browser.

The little car is traveling through the winding simulated highway of the Rocky Mountains and you need to control a car at top speed. Depending on the road conditions, you will control your car to accelerate, decelerate, and change lanes.

The trolley is traveling through the winding mountain roads of the Rocky Mountains. Christophe Levy looked quietly out the window and noticed that whenever the car was about to drive to a roadless juncture, a traffic sign would appear on the side of the road ...... The mountain road curves and peaks and turns, and it turns out that it's not that the road has come to an end, but that it's time to turn around. (kids who get this stunt, let me see you)

Eventually you need to reach an average speed of 65mph to be considered over the line. On the leaderboard of all submitters, there are greats who have reached an average speed of 73mph.

Open the page for this project to see the moving cart and you'll be like Digest Fungus and just say WOW that's so cool! Feel free to leave a comment and talk to Digest after your experience~

DeepTesla In turn, data from Tesla driving was used, and again in the browser, you can see how the layers of neural networks break down the images.

Can't afford a Tesla, but you can still take an autopilot class and experience what it's like to look inside a Tesla cab!

MIT Deep Learning and Autonomous Driving course page (summary of all PPTs, videos and materials).

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