Three Chinese and foreign databases face to face with faculty from secondary schools

"EPS Data Platform", "National Research Network" and foreign language databases (Tussing Search) came face to face with our professional teachers at the School of Economics and Management.

In the afternoon of March 29, two digital resource activities of "EPS Data Platform" and "National Research Network", which were organized by the library and hosted by the College of Economics and Management, were held successively in the lecture hall on the second floor of the Bachelor Building No. 2 of the College of Economics and Management, with more than 70 teachers from the General College, College of Economics and Management and College of International Business participating in this activity. The event was hosted and addressed by Hu Xiaohang, Dean of the College of Economics and Management. She hopes that the event will enable teachers to better understand and utilize professional digital resources.

The first event, presented by He Jingjing, a tutor on the EPS platform. She explained the use of EPS database with current hot cases, and introduced the features of each data sub-database, data retrieval and filtering methods and various data analysis functions. Questions from some of the teachers were also answered.

The second event will be presented by Jianhua An, Database Manager of the National Research Network. It mainly introduces the economic information collected by the NRC database, the featured sub-databases and each resource module, and analyzes the use of the NRC database by giving examples.

Through the "EPS Data Platform" and "National Research Network", two activities of economic digital resources have been carried out, providing a new channel for teachers of the School of Economics and Management and the School of International Business to obtain resources, and at the same time playing a supporting and promoting role for teachers' teaching and research work.

Publicists from our only acquired foreign language database (Tussing Search) were on hand to hand out information to teachers about the introduction of the resource.

Teachers read the database materials carefully

Speech by Hu Xiaohang, Dean of College of Economics and Management

EPS Presenter He Jingjing

An Jianhua, the main speaker of the National Research Network

Text | Zhu Yanyi Photo| Jin Xiaotu, Wang Jing

Editing, pushing | Jin Xiao Tu

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