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Three world-class scientists join Baidu Research Institute to accelerate Baidu AI "China Speed" again

ChinaNews (China News Service)1 month19 NEC (Nippon Electronic Company) US time1 month18 sun, Baidu Research Institute holds all-staff meeting in Silicon Valley, Announcing the establishment of a Business Intelligence Lab(Business Intelligence Lab,BIL) and the Robotics and Autonomous Driving Lab(Robotics and Autonomous Driving Lab,RAL), Meanwhile three world-class scientists in the field of artificial intelligenceKenneth Ward Church、 wash the army、 Xiong Hui joins Baidu Research Institute。 so far, Baidu Research Institute Newly Upgraded, Established to include seven world-class scientists、 The five major laboratories of the“ all-star” line-up (of a sports team)。 at a meeting, Vice President of Baidu、AI Technology Platform System(AIG) person in charge、 Wang Haifeng, director of Baidu Research Institute, said, This is the beginning of a new journey for Baidu Research Institute。 Baidu Research Institute to Focus on Forward-Looking Basic Research, Laying out the future direction of Baidu's artificial intelligence, Serving Baidu's long-term growth strategy as an artificial intelligence company。 after upgrading, Baidu Research Institute increased from three labs to five labs, Deep Learning Lab, respectively(IDL)、 Big Data Lab(BDL)、 Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Lab(SVAIL)、 Business Intelligence Lab(BIL)、 Robotics and Autonomous Driving Lab(RAL)。 New Business Intelligence Lab to focus on efficient data analytics for emerging data-intensive applications; And the Robotics and Autonomous Driving Lab focuses on robotics, Especially in the field of autonomous driving to solidify the basic technology of Baidu driverless。 Baidu Research Institute will focus on forward-looking and fundamental research in artificial intelligence technologies, Aiming for its long-term innovative breakthroughs, and complementary synergies with other Baidu technology departments, Co-promotion of BaiduAI The leapfrogging and commercialization of the landing。 at the same time, Baidu Research Institute's team of scientists has also grown again, The strongest line-up in the history of Baidu Research Institute。 In addition to President Wang Haifeng, And Xu Wei.、 Li Ping (1962-), PRC politician, prime minister 2007-2010、 Yang Ruigang, three senior scientists already working at Baidu Research Institute, The current franchise ofKenneth Ward Church、 wash the army、 Xiong Hui is allAI World-class scholars in the field。Kenneth Ward Church A master in the field of natural language processing, was one of the founders of the empiricist approach。 He received his bachelor's degree from MIT、 Master's and PhD degrees, Has worked at Bell Labs、 Microsoft Research、 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore、IBM Watson Research Center work。Church Founded one of the most important academic conferences in the field of natural language processingEMNLP(Empirical Methods on Natural Language Processing) and served as President for many years, He has worked on2012 year as the top international academic organization in the field of natural language processingACL(Association for Computational Linguistics) chairman, nowACL Fellow。 Raccoon Army was the project director of the National Endowment Board, Supervisor Big Data, Previously tenured professor at the University of Kansas。 Xiong Hui is an American Rutgers- Tenured Full Professor, The State University of New Jersey。 at a meeting,Kenneth Ward Church express,“ The value of artificial intelligence is clear for all to see。 Baidu is not only committed to basic research, Also creative in translating laboratory techniques into real applications, Making our world a better place。 I'm excited to be part of this team, Explore the frontiers of artificial intelligence with talented researchers and engineers。” Looking back at BaiduAI The history of the development of, Baidu's determination and ambition to lead the era of artificial intelligence is clearly visible。 Baidu to search to establish itself, Since its inception, it has been closely related to artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing。 as early as2013 early, Baidu then formed the Deep Learning Institute, The predecessor of Baidu Research Institute。2014 year, Baidu Research Institute was officially established, includeIDL、BDL harmonySVAIL。2017 year3 month, Baidu explicitly makes artificial intelligence a company development strategy, integrateAI Core Technology, establishAI Technology Platform System(AIG), Appointment of Vice President Wang Haifeng as General Manager, Drive research and development-leadingAI Core Technology, Empower important business within, The technological ecology of external prosperity, hastenAI Commercial landing。 hitherto, Baidu has built a base layer、 The perception layer、 Cognitive layer、 Platform layer, etcAI Technical layout, and throughAI Open platform opening includes voice、 image、 Video、 Augmented reality、 Natural speech processing, etc90 MultipleAI Core competencies, At the same time actively work with industry partners and developers to build togetherAI Technology ecology。“ Artificial intelligence was the central driver of the fourth industrial revolution, Not only has it led to change in all walks of life, It is also creating new industries; meantime, Artificial intelligence systems are also working with users、 The interaction of demand scenarios continues to evolve,” Wang Haifeng thinks,“ No doubt, Baidu is already aAI company, Ideal for research and innovation in artificial intelligence technologies。” Industry insiders also believe, As a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence in China, Baidu is in theAI Continued investment in R&D, Showcasing Baidu's determination to winAI the ambition and vision of the times。 BaiduAI will becomeAI“ China speed” the acceleration engine, Promote ChinaAI Accelerate innovation。

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