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Tips encountered in learning II (updated in succession ......) )

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Due to the excessive length of the first article "Tips and Tricks Encountered in Learning", a new article is being used separately for ease of recording and viewing.

21, WIN7 activation prompt drive no disk???

First of all, don't be afraid to encounter this problem, if the system was installed with a CD-ROM, then insert the CD-ROM and click Retry; if it was not installed with a CD-ROM, just click Cancel and it will be OK.


If you are not very clear about the JAVA_HOME, CLASSPATH, and PATH environment variables when you first learn Java, then it is recommended that you read this article. JAVA environment variables JAVA_HOME, CLASSPATH, PATH settings detailed

23. Add, Delete and Change Records in Navicat for MySQL

Navicat MySQL is a powerful MySQL administration and development tool with an easy-to-use interface that supports most of the features of MySQL and is suitable for beginners. When I opened the database table today to add a record, I searched for it and couldn't find it, but it turns out that many of the operations on the records in the table are at the bottom of the window, above the status bar, as shown in the figure.

Looking at the chart we see that the functions of each icon from left to right are: point to first record, point to previous record, point to next record, point to last record, add record, delete record, edit record, refresh record, cancel, refresh table, stop.

24. "The file "****" is too large for the target file system. "

In the process of copying large files to the flash drive, sometimes encounter this problem, this is because the default partition format of the flash drive is generally FAT32, and it only supports a maximum of a single 4G file, the number of transfers within 268,435,437, so, r If you do need to use the flash drive to store your large files, the flash drive formatted into NTFS format on it (in advance is to back up the things in the flash drive Oh pro, data is priceless ...... →_→)

25、win7Turn on image preview:

Today I happened to notice that there is no longer a preview function for pictures and videos in computer explorer:.

If you want to find what you want in a large number of files, it really takes a lot of effort, in fact, you just need to set it up, right-click Computer - Properties - Advanced System Settings - Advanced - Performance Settings, there will be four single options: Let Windows choose the best configuration of the computer, Adjust to Best Appearance, Adjust to Best Performance, Customize, no matter which option you choose, make sure the "Show thumbnails, not icons" multi-select button below is checked, and then OK, re-open Explorer, can not be previewed for each file?

Or you can also try this method: open a folder in Win7, and then click on the top left corner of the "Organization" → Folder and search options, in the "View" tab under the "Always show icons, never show thumbnails" in front of the tick to remove. It should work too →_→

26、I can't switch input method in word?

If the browser (software)、Onenote、 Input methods can be switched in the chat screen and other input windows, and inword In both the use ofAlt+Shift orCTRL+SHIFT When neither can be switched, Try the following: control panel— clocks、 Language and region— Changing the keyboard or other input method— Changing the keyboard— Advanced Key Settings, (located) at“ Hotkeys for entering languages” under check“ Between input languages”, clicking“ Changing the key sequence”, Left selection“ leftAlt+Shift”, Right selection“ Non-allocation”, identify, Then enter again“ Chinese( simple form) input method - input method/ Non-input method switching”, cancellation“ Enable key sequence” front hook, Keep clicking OK, Then re-enter to change the keyboard— Advanced Key Settings, go into“ Between input languages”, Right selection“Ctrl+Shift” perhaps“Alt+Shift”( As is your custom.), identify。 reopenword, Is it possible to switch input methods at will??

27. Make "Desktop" appear in the navigation bar on the left side of Explorer

If Explorer left navigation bar in the "desktop" is lost, for people who often love to download files to the desktop is too painful, so to find the "desktop", start the operation as follows: open a folder in Win7, and then click on the upper left corner of the "Organization" → Folder and search options, in the "General" tab below the "Show all folders" in front of the check box on OK: Figure.

Of course, a simpler and quicker way is to simply right-click in a blank space in the left navigation bar of Explorer → Show all folders ...... Did it come up? →_→

28、How to retrieve deleted files in Eclipse?

If you want to restore deleted files in Eclipse projects (such as *.java, *.jsp, etc.), right-click that project, select "restore from local history" (Chinese version) or "restore from local history" (English version), and then select the files you want to restore in the check box.

29、Disable Sogou Input Method Extension Manager completely

After installing Sogou Input Method, Sogou Input Method Extensions Manager keeps popping up automatically, after trying many methods it doesn't work, so simply do this: find out the installation path of Sogou Input Method, enter the folder Components and delete the SogouComMgr.exe file (if you can't delete it, it's probably running, close it or go to Process Manager to close the process).

30, Win7 comes with step recorder

Open Start or press win+r and type psr.exe :.

Then you can use it, start recording and click Start Recording to record and then click Stop Recording to automatically pop up the save dialog box and then save it. The saved format is zip compressed and the file format is mht file. Comes with the system browser (software) All can be opened.

31、Change folder permissions when prompted "Unable to enumerate objects in the container, access is denied"

In the folder to be operated, right-click → Properties → Security tab → Advanced, a pop-up window displays the owner of the current folder, select Modify to bring up the Select User or User Group window. Enter the current user name in the text box (the current user should be the manager for this to work), a checkbox appears below the owner, replace the owner of the child container and object, apply at the bottom replace the permission items of all child objects with permission items that can be inherited from this object, apply ( note (: You cannot directly tick two checkboxes, apply, score two steps). Make sure everyone appears inside the permissions portal, if not edit and add one, give him permissions, and apply it.

To be continued ......

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