To myself in 2035 and to you who are reading this letter

In 2035, with the popularization of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other high-tech applications and the continuous improvement of human consciousness, many of the plots that once appeared in movies have been realized and become the norm in life. Artificial intelligence has long since replaced the vast majority of repetitive tasks, hands and time have been greatly freed up and I have more energy to devote to free creativity and the exercise of my talents.

In 2035, China leads the world in both cultural and technological development, and the achievements of socialist modernization lead the world in strides towards a community of human destiny. Numerous scientific research projects have been transformed from the laboratory into results, and even brainwave transmission technology has made a breakthrough. Soon we will usher in the era of brainwave transmission, when I can freely transmit my experience feelings through brainwaves, and I can also feel other people's experiences through brainwaves at will.

I live in an era of highly developed technology and materialism, which makes me understand life differently. I pay more attention to my inner feelings, and I think life is a wonderful journey where different experiences and feelings converge, no matter studying, working or living, being able to play is the real winner of life. I will learn on my own initiative because it is interesting and fun, I will study various tools and materials because I want to build something, I will keep seeking for various problems in my life, but I will not bother too much about boring knowledge.

I'm honored to have been born in such a time, and I'm also honored that I was introduced to such interesting new tech gadgets as 3D printing, laser cutting, AR/VR, robotics, etc. in early 2014. Interdisciplinary education (project-based learning) has been gaining attention since 2016, and in 2018, as I write this, interdisciplinary education (project-based learning) is starting to enter the practice phase, with more and more schools subscribing to this teaching philosophy, and elements such as hands-on STEAM classes and hands-on maker classes are popping up in my school and those of my classmates. In 2035, you reading this letter are probably already enjoying this education without the constraints of disciplinary boundaries and loving this interest-based, self-directed and spontaneous learning experience. In 2035, the shape of schools may long be not confined to a particular place, but everywhere. The realization of all this will happen through the efforts of our generations and in the witness of you who read this letter.

I look forward to 2035, working hard, you witnessing, as we wander together through this material world of easy abundance, using our talents and doing what we love, while feeling the abundance, richness and beauty that socialist modernity has given us!

Feel free to sweep in your submissions with any of the 2018 GCSE essay questions and look ahead together! Feel free to comment, republish and spread the word, please note the source: focus on STEAM education Annita

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