Today, this Chinese company dropped a big "bomb"! Suining people are looking forward to it ......

Yes, the car salesman!

That's the one, the BYD you don't really look up to!


Let's go!

On January 10, 2018, an order was given to A train that "flies" in the air , filled with passengers from all over the country, whizzed through Ningxia, China!

It's called the "cloud track". It's not a test. is officially open to traffic. A trial run will be conducted in the second quarter. It is BYD's epoch-making new transportation to solve China's congestion problem.

None of the drivers.

Look at the cockpit. , not a single screen, not a single gear lever, not even a button to start. For once, there is really no need for a driver.

Not a single ticket inspector.

Look at the ticket gate. The face-brush entry was fully launched. After we buy our tickets with our phones, we don't have to change tickets, check our tickets or documents, and we can get on the train with almost no stop.

Not only will there be no need for drivers or ticket inspectors, but probably not even conductors. Every morning, auto wake, auto detect, auto go, auto home!


How much more is this train that "flies" in the sky?

Batteries. BYD has fitted it with the world's leading iron batteries, which enable it to start its own power and guarantee safe arrival at the station even if the power is interrupted.

Motor. BYD has developed its own permanent magnet wheelside direct drive motor, which uses magnetic force and allows the motor shaft to drive the running wheels directly. (a) The wheels are horizontal.

Endurance. It can withstand super cold temperatures of -40°C, and high temperatures of 80°C. It can be applied not only to China, but also to the whole world.

Network. Each carriage is equipped with high-speed wireless broadband WiFi service, so you can play games, share photos and videos, and so on with your friends.

The bottom line is this. It is single track, does not take up space, and can be built in road dividers and narrow streets. The cost is only a quarter of that of the subway.

Today, the first line of China's "cloud rail" equipped with driverless system was officially opened to traffic. BYD announced: in 2018, to get 20 cities in China!


BYD Chairman: Wang Chuanfu

It's not the Yanks or the Germans who are behind this great creation that will change the world of transportation, but a true reflection of the awakening, commitment and solidarity of Chinese companies!

Cloud Rail, from the hardware and software core to the driverless, to the communication network, no dependence on any foreigners, China has 100% completely independent intellectual property rights!


So, embracing domestic must be the big trend for the next 10 years. This decade will be the decade of China's return of the king and the return of the people's confidence.

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