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I don't know when the Internet began to pride itself on being the "next generation". You internet people are so weird, it's scary to call your dad at every turn ...... But even in the cryptocurrency world, the phenomenon of "kneeling down to acknowledge one's father" has not disappeared.

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For example, EOS ......

Yao Yao

Ahem, low key. But this EOS, ah, really isn't considered a good son. Rumor has it that the EOS Foundation holds hundreds of thousands of ETH and is one of the biggest bookmakers of ETH. EOS was behind this big drop in ETH earlier this year. And the day before yesterday someone found out that over 410,000 ETH had been withdrawn from the EOS crowdfunding account!

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Could it be that EOS is really going to take a shot at ETH?

Yao Yao

But, apparently ETH doesn't die that easily. After the news came out, ETH went up instead of down. It's not like EOS and ETH have been tearing it up for a day or two now, and it's clear that ETH is still very much prepared for what EOS is going to do. And, looking at the market cap charts, despite dropping 70% of its market cap in 3 months, the thin camel is bigger than the horse, ETH's market cap, is still several times that of EOS!

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At this moment, ETH's heart must be: as long as I don't die, you will always be the prince

Yao Yao

Okay, okay, let's see what's big today! New! Smell!

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Bitcoin: "Bear Market Basically Over" or "Beginning of a Stumble"?

The winter in the bitcoin market has been going on for a few months now, and I'm sure many people are very concerned about how it will evolve next. In fact, various sectors have expressed their views on this, among which are these two diametrically opposed views.

The first view is that the bear market is essentially over, while the other is that Bitcoin is "one of the biggest asset price bubbles in history". Now is the beginning of a stumble. The simultaneous appearance of such diametrically opposed views shows the foggy state of the market ahead. Whether it's the end of the bear market or the beginning of a stumble, either way, for pushy friends in the cryptocurrency world, taking advantage of the market right now and carrying the risk is what we need to do.

AFP: Beware! "Blockchain" "virtual currency" has become a new scheme of fraud by lawless elements

Since the end of last year, "blockchain" has followed Bitcoin and other virtual coins to attract a lot of attention. The unscrupulous elements have also taken advantage of this and are committing fraud under the banner of "blockchain" and "virtual currency". As the price of blockchain assets such as "Bitcoin" has soared, the interest of ordinary investors in blockchain and digital currency investments has grown. There have been a number of "blockchain" investment fraud cases this year. There are three tips on how to avoid being scammed.

1. Don't believe in the promises made by the "ceiling", and when you receive a call related to "blockchain", make sure to search online to verify the information of the company to prevent you from believing in false investment scams.

(ii) Do not click on unknown links at random, and do not transfer money to personal accounts easily.

Third, you can use third-party mobile security software to block unknown, encrypted and other hidden calls through the nuisance blocking function to avoid being duped.

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