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Crowdfunded projects in progress

Whitelist registration in progress


Territory of the project: Israel

Whitelisting in progress, KYC required

Crowdfunding time : 2018Q2

Crowdfunded Soft Top : 14 million USD

Crowdfunded hardtop : 50 million USD

Exchange rate:1ETH=5000ZIX

Acceptance of Tokens:BTCÐ

Individual investment limit : From 100USD

Crowd preparation note : Citizens of the United States, China, and South Korea are prohibited from participating in crowdfunding

Project Description : Provide a trading protocol and a trading platform

Type of project : Applications (payments)

Official website:

Upcoming crowdfunding

Senno B

Project Location: Hong Kong

In the process of crowdfunding registration

Crowdfunding time. 7 July

Total number of tokens: 10 billion

Total number of crowdfunded tokens: 4 billion

Crowdfunded soft top: 2 million USD

Crowdfunding hard top: 25 million USD

Exchange rate.10000 SENNO = 1 NEO

Acceptance of Tokens:NEO&BTCÐ&ALT

Crowd Prep Note: Pre-sales have closed, raising approximately 820,000 USD. Pre-crowdfunding closed

Unsold tokens will be destroyed and distributed 30 days after the end of the crowdsale

Crowdfunding banned for US, Chinese, Japanese citizens

Project Description. NEO blockchain-based sentiment analysis platform with API interface for third-party apps

Type of project. Applications (commercial promotion)

Official website:

Time to be determined

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