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Tongji Hospital" activity successfully concluded

Event Description

On May 15, 2018, the BIM Student Club of Tongji University held the "Elite Pilot" BIM school-enterprise trip "into the Tongji Institute" activity. Zhong Zhiyan, deputy director of Shanghai Architectural Digital Construction Engineering Technology Research Center, a direct department of Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd, relevant staff of the design institute and 24 BIM-loving undergraduate and graduate students from Tongji University's colleges of civil engineering, environment and transportation participated in this event.

What is "Elite Pilot" campaign?

The "Elite Pilot" is a brand activity of Tongji University BIM Student Club. The series of activities aims to establish the connection between universities and social BIM-related enterprises, guide students to explore the application of BIM technology in practical engineering, and achieve a win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises in the long run.

The club hopes to help students understand the BIM operation platform, feel the working atmosphere of the design institute, and help them make self-orientation and career planning through this series of activities of "Elite Pilot" school-enterprise tour.

Event Review

During the visit, Deputy Director Zhong Zhiyan introduced the students to the use of BIM in all phases of architectural design from five aspects: scheme design, preliminary design, construction drawing design, construction preparation and construction implementation, and showed the operation and maintenance platform designed independently by Tongji Institute.

Web browser, mobile app multi-device view model that

Manage from anywhere, anytime

What is BIM O&M

BIM operation and maintenance refers to a set of building management tools based on BIM technology development, workflow-based, intelligent multi-dimensional management of the building's equipment and facilities, space and personnel. The BIM model is used as a carrier to correlate information on assets, facilities, equipment, and data, and application technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, and 2D codes are used to realize asset and equipment and facility management based on 3D dynamic building data.

O&M is a continuation of design and construction, and is an integral part of the full building lifecycle. BIM O&M integrates the control center of each system on the basis of sufficient research, and coalesces the original self-control systems, which were working separately, into a large data center, and visualizes it in 3D, so as to set the best operation state of building O&M and reduce O&M costs through later data analysis.

After the wonderful presentation, we entered the free question and exchange session, students spoke enthusiastically, and Director Zhong answered their questions patiently and carefully.

BIM Technology Outlook

The use of BIM has matured in the design and construction phases and has a long way to go in the whole life maintenance of buildings. The operation of the building mainly belongs to the property management, in view of the current level of property management staff and equipment configuration in China, the promotion of BIM operation and maintenance road block and difficult. However, BIM can actually meet the requirements of operation and maintenance and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, so it is imperative to promote BIM technology!


Ltd. for their great support to this event and the active cooperation of the staff, and special thanks to Deputy Director Zhong Zhiyan for his wonderful lecture and Q&A exchange. Thank you to everyone who signed up for this event, and I hope it was a rewarding one! And I hope you'll keep watching the Tongji University BIM Student Club for follow-up activities!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Shanghai IV Construction of School Enterprises

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