Tongling Finance Bureau business on the cloud, service grounding

Hi everyone, 2018 thanks to you, it's Sunday, August 26th and today we have Cloud IT Success Stories.

The cloud computing business has grown so far, and the enterprise cloud built on hyper-convergence has served thousands of enterprise users!

From now on, we will share the coolest and most characteristic IT cloud practice cases from many user success stories. If you are worried about the selection and architecture layout of your business on the cloud, or worried about the stability of the new technology, you may spend 2 minutes to read them.

Today, the Cloud IT success story is about the Copperbelt Finance Authority.

Tongling City Finance Bureau is a constituent department of the Tongling Municipal People's Government in charge of financial revenue and expenditure, fiscal policy and supervision of state-owned assets. It is mainly responsible for implementing the financial system in Tongling City, organizing financial revenues in accordance with policies, ensuring financial expenditures, managing local financial funds, and promoting the development of industrial and agricultural production and various undertakings.

The complexity and size of operation and maintenance systems at all levels of the financial intranet and outtranet are not conducive to efficient operations

Before 2016, the Finance Bureau of Tongling City, Anhui Province, has been improving the construction of information technology platform one after another, and many systems have been put online. The early construction of information technology is the use of "one machine, one application" model, with the gradual increase in the system, this kind of information island, chimney IT architecture problems gradually exposed, such as decentralized management complex, more equipment in the server room, low utilization, etc..

And with the continuous evolution of social informatization, the scale of financial information stock resources continues to increase, as well as the new requirements put forward by the centralized electronic payment management of the State Treasury, making a total of more than a dozen municipal operation and maintenance systems for the financial internal and external networks of the Finance Bureau, involving more than 20 servers. This does not include systems and servers that are operated and maintained by municipalities and counties themselves, and the various data interaction hubs generally face challenges such as little availability, inactive applications, and insufficient openness.

In order to better support the centralized electronic payment management needs of the State Treasury of Tongling Finance Bureau as well as its future innovative development, in 2016, the Finance Bureau of Tongling, Anhui Province, carried out the construction of a cloud platform to integrate the existing scattered systems and achieve data sharing and business collaboration. To achieve rapid deployment and flexible expansion of data center infrastructure and build a new generation of data centers, the Tongling Finance Bureau focuses on several aspects: security, reliability, convenience, and scalability.

Golden Finance data on the cloud. (in the) cloud (computing) Information security is key

The Tongling Finance Bureau has demonstrated a number of cloud computing solutions, and after comparison, this solution and a well-known foreign brand can meet the construction needs of the unit and guarantee the stability, reliability and future scalability of the system operation, but the enterprise cloud hyper-convergence architecture is more complete, which covers a full range of systems such as computing, networking, storage and security, and for the Tongling Finance Bureau, the overall cost performance is better than foreign vendors. At the same time, this solution hyper-convergence solution is easier to operate, easier to troubleshoot, low learning cost, so that the IT architecture is drawn is what you get. The choice of this solution also meets the requirements of localization and is able to provide diverse and rich security and optimization functions from layer 2 to 7, which, coupled with the excellent localization service, the Tongling Finance Bureau finally chose to adopt this solution.

Considering the importance of information security, Tongling Finance Bureau deployed the enterprise-level cloud in 2 separate areas: the intranet area of the Golden Finance Project and the extranet area of the Internet-based business, with different services deployed in the two areas.

Golden Finance Project Intranet. Through the use of six newly procured hyper-converged all-in-one machines, all of the more than 10 core business systems of the Golden Finance Project intranet were migrated to the enterprise cloud, with all services deployed in five logical regions as required. 23 virtual machines are currently live.

Internet-based business extranet. Through the utilization of four hyper-converged all-in-one computers purchased earlier, as well as a set of external storage devices. At present, three sets of environments have been migrated, such as state-owned asset management, three agricultural and three capital management and anti-virus servers, etc. Subsequently, the Finance Bureau can expand the underlying resource pool of the Internet convergence cloud according to the planning, and deploy all Internet services on the enterprise-level cloud platform one after another.

After reconfiguring with the enterprise-class cloud hyper-converged architecture, the data center server room of Tongling Finance Bureau has initially completed the construction of the integration framework, laying a solid technical foundation for the full realization of overall physical resource integration and invocation in the future.

Tongling Finance Bureau Cloud Data Center Topology Diagram

Helping big data mining, financial information technology to a new level

Tongling Finance Bureau Information Center said that after deploying the enterprise-level cloud hyper-convergence solution, the construction of the business network is simpler than the traditional solution. The hyper-convergence architecture has proven to be a good way to implement the software-defined data center, which changes the way of IT delivery with a unified data center platform, and we have reasons to believe that the enterprise-level cloud hyper-convergence platform can help Tongling Finance Bureau carry out platform-wide big data mining in the future, so that the financial information construction can be taken to a higher level and the people-friendly services can be more grounded.

Enterprise clouds can scale enterprise cloud computing, storage and networking performance and capacity by stacking larger numbers of x86 servers. The entire initial deployment of only six hyper-converged all-in-one PCs is required to meet business operation and publishing needs, reducing overall investment costs.

All resource management and allocation are operated through the Web interface, and the rapid deployment of business is achieved through WYSIWYG, and the one-click fault location function is provided. The whole platform is very simple and easy to use, and the overall operation and maintenance efficiency is improved by 50%.

The core business of finance can run stably on the cloud, providing strong technical support for the daily office of the Finance Bureau. And data queries are significantly faster, improving office efficiency.

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