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Tonight, a lullaby for you

I'm afraid that tomorrow night's text messages will be too many and you won't care about my greetings; I'm afraid that the New Year's bell will ring too loud and you won't hear my wishes.

So I choose this time to sincerely say to you, in the form of a poem.

Happy New Year.

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In 28 more hours, we will say goodbye to 2017 forever. In fact, for the previous 365 days, every unusual day, we have been saying goodbye constantly. Farewell to hope, farewell to fear, farewell to joy, farewell to loneliness, farewell to the truth about the sea, farewell to irrevocable certainty, farewell to 365 of the people you used to be.

The holiday season exists to give us a sense of grand and sublime ritual, to remind us that, regret or longing, the goodbyes should be over.

A new chronological sequence is about to run, and the new year's world is still full of wildflowers and different colors.

Yet it all comes from human definitions, just as humans define and imagine the existence of God. Because humans have the ability to collaborate on a large scale, the ability to imagine abstractions together, we have been able to become the overlords of this planet, above all things.

According to Yuval Heraly, author of A Brief History of the Future, in the most ancient times, man worshipped nature and created God. Technology has progressed to the point where it's back to destroying the gods it created with its own hands and turning itself into a god.

Thus, the insatiable human coveted immortality and longed to use the powerful arithmetic of silicon-based computer arrays to keep the DNA information carried by man himself expressed, passed on, and completely freed from the confines of time.

However, at that point, humanity may lose its own mastery and the value of its true existence, becoming a mere phantom god in the name of artificial intelligence, a concept once again, a figment of the imagination.

Would you long for this eternal life of no birth, no death, no more life?

Think of it this way, it is because of the constant goodbyes, the constant welcomes, the constant possessions, the constant losses that we live like real people, with a sense of nourishment.

Our existence, in itself, is meaningful.

Forget the confrontation with time, let go of the lack of the past, at least at this time of the old and the new, when everything is growing in the dark.

Let time exist on the other side of the eternal shore of beginnings and ends, and with this lullaby we sleep sweetly on the shore.

Good night, gods.。

Good night, 2017.

Good night, gods.

Author / [Japanese] Toshitaro Tanigawa

Translation / Tian Yuan

Although God is everywhere

But lurking in the leaves, the sky, the land and the babies

I deliberately didn't call out God's name

Otherwise God will become exactly like man.

And then the discord started.

The gap between language and speech is a hiding place for God

They are indifferent to the clamor of man praying as he pleases

The nameless, nameless God dozes

There is nothing left for them or them that must be created

Because people keep building this and that, one after another.

Good night, gods.

Whether you're just one person or there are eight million of you

The ancient Big Bang is no longer relevant to you.

Nature took over later and entrusted it to later

Though mankind would like to do the same to you

Even though it will always be possible to play the world

Nor will you find a cryptic answer

Intended to create but always destroying

Time exists at the beginning and the end of eternity on the other side

I want to sing a lullaby for the gods

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