Tonight, look to the stars.

1969year7 month20 Japanese astronaut Armstrong aboard the Apollo11 Successful lunar landing, In honor of this event, Just put the annual7 month20 date as“ Human Moon Day”。

It's a small personal step., But it's a big step for mankind.。

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

49 Today, a year ago.,

American astronaut Armstrong successfully landed on the moon.

When he set foot on the moon,

Said these words that have had a profound impact on future generations。

One small step for these space heroes,

Behind the scenes lies the innovation of technology that

Bringing infinite surprises to all mankind。


Technological innovation is not limited to the space sector,

Innovations in the automotive sector are also changing human life。

through (a gap)1932year

The Peugeot 301 was born to become the Department of Automotive Design model work

up to1934year

first paragraph The birth of the folding convertible

then on to1955year

in the world first paragraph Mass-produced diesel sedan Peugeot403 come out

Inheriting Peugeot's technological innovation

Building a high-quality corporate brand

Led by Peugeot's global advanced car-making technology

Putting together a large group involving power、 Security technology

The latest automotive technology in areas such as electronic smart technology

The first to be introduced into the country for innovation

Dongfeng Peugeot uses technology

Bringing unimaginable changes to automotive life

The appearance of lion cubs opens up a whole new world of technology!

The prevailing view in the global tech media on this current period is that

It's getting boring.

Previously accumulated technological dividends have been utilized to the fullest,

Needs more and fresher black technology excitement.

it seems that at present,

The ultimate form of automotive intelligence will be driverless,

Dongfeng PeugeotADAS Roll-out of technology,

Making driverlessness less of an airy-fairy luxury,

This is the prevailing trend in achieving marketability of technology today.

ADAS full name

advanced driver assistance system,

The direct translation is“ Intelligent Driving Assistance system."

ADAS of final form in fact, it is unmanned

The technical principle is to install a large number of sensors

Also has a powerful algorithmic power

This yields an approximation to The five human senses

Cars can autonomously acquire and analyze information about the road environment:

Identifying pedestrians、 vehicles、 signal light、 Navigation maps, etc.,

more fully involved in the control of the vehicle.

Eventual evolution to driverless form。

Achieving the ultimate form is a gradual process,

current nowadaysADAS Just being in elementary stage


The value it creates for the user,

Already worthy of praise。

at the present stageADAS The technology configurations integrated are

Park Assist、 Automatic emergency braking、

Lane departure assist,

Active Blind Spot Detection etc. configuration,

Able to help drivers with parking assistance、

Automatic braking according to special conditions、

Assistance in staying in lane、

Actions such as maintaining a blind spot with the vehicle in front to detect the driver's view.

simply put,

The driver gets a relaxed mental and physical state,

For commuting to work、

escorting friends and relatives、

For various driving conditions, such as city driving on congested roads

Both provide a more enjoyable experience

The current automotive market is also like the tech scene,

Entered a relatively cool development。

thus, Major car companies step up product upgrades,

to adapt to a more competitive market.

It has become one of the important trends of the moment。


Dongfeng Peugeot can be said to be one step ahead of

Putting the spotlight on theADAS technical on the development of the,

And it is already being used in their products。

Dongfeng Peugeot with the heart of an innovative seeker

Moving forward with the Lunar Exploration Project

Today Chang'e is no longer alone

Innovation is a brilliant stroke of courage from nothing to something

Breakthrough is the faith that has taken us all the way to the top

Starting today.

Our journey is to the stars and the sea

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