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[Tools] Clean up WindowsInstaller redundant files (supports 64-bit NT6.x systems)


Support systems.

WindowsNT 5.x/6.x32and64 Bit All Systems。 framework 2.0 operating environment


Clean up the redundant Windows Installer patch files on the above system. It has the following characteristics.

  • Efficient scanning + cleaning with progress feedback
  • Option to clean up specified files
  • sortable
  • Option to delete to recycle bin, or just delete


There are several similar tools, of which I am familiar withsmallfrogs Bully's [Windows Installer Redundant File Cleanup Tool] (hereafter WIC), which I've actually been using for related tasks before this (currently his website inaccessible is available through a third party site Get the tool and its information), the reason for thinking of rewriting such a tool is twofold.

  1. WIC is not available for 64-bit NT6.x operating systems. It's not that you can't run it, but you get the wrong result of sweeping out msp files that are not redundant, which is damning and is a critical issue. I think it's because WIC was written so long ago that maybe the author wasn't originally thinking about using it on a new platform. And the technical reason for this problem I think is due to the 64-bit NT6 system doing a redirection of registry access to 32-bit programs, which means that when 32-bit programs access certain keys, they are actually accessing other keys. For example, such tools need to access the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInstallerUserDataS-1-5-18Patches], on the 64-bit system to access is actually [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInstallerUserDataS-1-5-18Patches], on this issue, quite a few essay There is an explanation, which I will not repeat here. So it may be for this reason that WIC is accessing the wrong keys on 64-bit systems, and because the installed msp file information is not recorded under the wrong keys, which ultimately causes WIC to determine a large number of msp files that are not in a redundant state as redundant.
  2. WIC removal experience is not good. This one, as anyone who uses it knows, is that there are a total of 2 MessageBox popups before and after deleting a file: 1 to ask before deleting and 1 to tell after, and it's two popups for each file, so if you want to delete 10 files, you'll encounter a total of 10x2=20 popups, and the space/return two indicate a lot of stress. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that the bull has handled this part with a lack of consideration. This is actually a good solution, thanks to the ListView control (WIC should not be a .net program, the control may not be called ListView under the programming framework used by the author, but I'm sure it calls the same native win32 control as the .net ListView, which is shown as SysListView32 under spy++), you can select all rows + space (or mouse check) to achieve the purpose of select all/not select, and veteran users familiar with the win system probably know some similar operating techniques, so this is not a problem.

It was the above two reasons that gave me the idea to rebuild the wheel, so I can say that I position this new tool of mine as a replacement for WIC, naturally there are no problems with WIC, of course I can't exclude that I have other problems with this tool too, what's the saying, a program without bugs is a program that doesn't do anything. Anyway, I rely on feedback from users, so thanks in advance.

Also I must say that even though WIC is somewhat problematic as an implementation, it's remarkable how well it works. In fact my tool is also based on the redundancy determination principle implemented by the bull , unfortunately his official website is now inaccessible and is currently accessiblehere Get some information. Again, for the record, thanks to smallfrogs bull for all the research and sharing. Additional thanks go to.

  • From the cowboys options , it solves the problem of ListView sorting with native markers (triangle markers). Sorting is easy, getting a custom marker is not hard, the hard part is the system native marker
  • The original author of each icon. I would like to recommend a set of high quality icon (computing) , the author seems to be a JP, program UI oriented designer with really quality work

Tool address.

Looking forward to getting user feedback, much appreciated!


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