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Top 5 in blockchain browsers

Blockchain browsers have come a long way from the early days of Bitcoin to now. What started out from nothing, followed by just a few basic models that supported users searching for specific wallet addresses or transactions, has now sprung up with a plethora of browsers that can grab all kinds of data from different blockchains, including hidden information on the blockchain, blockchain heights, and rich lists, among others.

Blockchain Explorer is the Google of cryptocurrencies

Essentially, the blockchain as a large communal database is meant to be searched. It took a while for an interface to be developed that supported this search function. Previously, cryptocurrency holders used blockchain browsers to check the status of incoming and outgoing transactions or the balance of their addresses, but now these tools do more than that. The blockchain browser is now feature-rich, like a cryptocurrency version of Google, and data that was previously hidden or difficult to access can now be viewed. Browser

The Bitcoin Wiki claims that was the first blockchain browser in history, developed by Bitcointalk forum owner Theymos and subsequently sold by it. This browser has been live since November 2010 and operates to date as a lesser known blockchain browser. Here, then, are the 5 best-known and most versatile block browsers on the web today., the website recently changed to, is supposed to be the best known bitcoin browser. Basic functionality according to current browser standards: search by block, transaction or address, safe and secure, with a beautiful interface. Wealth statistics related to bitcoin activity over the last 24 hours can also be viewed.


"You can search for everything in the blockchain world" is the slogan of, and the site does exactly what it says. Various valuable information on the BTC, BCH, and eth blockchains can be searched, including the size of the memory pool, the fee, the number of nodes, and the difficulty value. Blockchair is always improving, and its massive search has been unbeatable. You can even search for words or passages coded into the blockchain on it, and the curious can go to it to see if their hometown, team, or child's name is permanently burned into the blockchain.

Tokenview is a browser that supports multiple blockchains, developed by a Chinese team and launched earlier this year. The site isn't perfect yet, with some translation glitches, but the number of supported blockchains is unmatched. With support for searches on more than 20 major blockchains, one browser is all you need to search for most blockchain transactions and addresses. The site also has a list of rich people in each currency on the site.


There are quite a few well-made Etherscan browsers on the market, but is the most popular, and there's a reason for that. This browser does a particularly good job of finding smart contracts, Gas fees, and browsing DEX activity. But while the all-important Etherscan is used to see the balance of tokens in the wallet address, some other wallets that offer Ether-related services such as Metamask and Myetherwallet cannot always be as reliable.



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