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Top Developer Questions Answered, check out if you have any questions

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Following our Industrial IoT Cloud Platform Advanced course, I received a lot of feedback from everyone in the background, today we have selected one of the main concerns, here is a unified response, come and see if there are any of your questions, you are also welcome to continue to ask questions ~


How is the data uploaded to WISE-PaaS?


There are various ways to upload data, specifically.

‍‍‍‍‍‍ Mode I. You can select EdgeSense RMM Agent software at the edge, configure it on the RMM Agent, and the access data will be processed by the RMM in the cloud and stored in the database to provide queries, RESTful API for remote operation and maintenance of the device, and other functions.

Method II. Install WebAccess 8.3 or EdgeLink software at the edge and perform simple configuration to access WISE-PaaS. The access data will be parsed and processed by SCADA in the cloud, stored in the database and provided with standard RESTful APIs for query and operation.

Method three. It can be based on the WISE-Agent Development Kit, which speeds up development, enhances security, and makes it easier and simpler for agent applications to communicate with the WISE-PaaS IoT Hub. In the cloud, the RMM processes information about these access devices and provides standard RESTful APIs for query and operation, while the Plugin developed by WISE-Agent can be added to the RMM Agent to provide expanded services and integrate the device management functions that come with the RMM Agent.

Method Four. Edge-side tools can be developed in the various ways you are familiar with, and data sent up can be parsed and managed by the cloud-based RMM as long as it conforms to the EI-Connect handshake protocol.

Method 5. You can also develop your own cloud-based data processing application and deploy it on WISE-PaaS to parse and process the messages sent from your edge, at which point you can directly use the WISE-PaaS/IoT Hub service.

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