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Travel management in the age of big data, a look at how to refine operations in the data age

As China's economic transformation continues, more and more SMEs are "cutting costs" by making travel costs the second most important concern in addition to labor costs. According to Spider Travel's research and analysis of the platform's 3,500 + corporate users found that: as small and medium-sized business travel awareness continues to rise, 2018 will be more concerned about the refinement of operations under big data.

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I. At the company level, the simpler the process management, the lower the cost

Through the relevant research data show that small and medium-sized enterprises for travel management, the simpler the process the lower the cost of travel.

1. Approval process: Optimizing the process and online approval helps control compliance

The approval process is one of the important ways to save money on corporate travel, the traditional approval process is more complex, mainly offline approval, there is no manipulation of the actual booking, the information is not synchronized, resulting in the later selection of high-priced products. In fact, companies can use intelligent online approval on Spider Travel to prompt employees to choose to book the lowest-priced product for the same time period for travel compliance control and cost control.

2. Booking process: online bias, monthly focus

According to the research data, SME customers prefer online booking methods such as mobile booking, PC booking and telephone booking. And in terms of how Spider Travel's customer data is billed, it tends to use monthly billing, which accounts for 49.2 percent.

Image source Avery Consulting

3. Reimbursement process: all online in just 3 minutes

Enterprise travel reimbursement process is divided into application - approval - review - release process, the status quo is the last three steps are time-consuming, the approval process takes 0 to 5 days, financial audit of each enterprise varies greatly, the release is concentrated in the 3rd day and the 15th day. In addition, most commonly, claims are denied and once denied you need to wait 5-8 days before proceeding again. Therefore, through big data to simplify internal process management, like spider travel to pure online extremely fast reimbursement and mobile office combination, the fastest can do the whole process 120 seconds extremely fast reimbursement.

Second, the operational level, the more accurate the data analysis, the more money you save

Compared to the company level, which places more emphasis on process simplification, at the actual travel operation level, more emphasis is placed on accurate analysis of big data for each business.

1、Ticket booking: lowest for Beijing-Hangzhou route, lowest for booking 15 days in advance

Airfare discounts have been a major entry point for travel savings, with most travel purchase discounts ranging from 0.8 to 1.0, based on data from 14 popular inter-city routes: the

① Even distribution of discounts on routes between North and Hangzhou, with a large proportion of low discount tickets below 40%.

② Most of the routes between North, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, North and Shanghai-Shenzhen are more than 20% off, with few special fares below 40% off.

(iii) The average discount is 7 to 20%, with special fares below 30% concentrated from am7:00 to pm21:00.

⑤ For routes between North and Shenzhen, the average advance time for special fares below 70% is 2 to 5 days.

2、Hotel Reservation: Accommodation standard first-tier city hotel prices> new tier 1> second line> three-line。

According to relevant industry data, the price of hotels in first-tier cities is concentrated in the range of 400 to 500 yuan, the price of hotels in new first-tier cities and second-tier cities is set in the range of 200 to 300 yuan, and the price of hotels in third-tier cities is concentrated in about 180 yuan.

3, train ticket booking: 200-800km travel route, more people choose the railway

Image source Confluence Easy

From the above chart, we can see that the short distance business trip below 200km, car and railway are equally divided; 200-800km in the medium and long distance route, more people choose railway; 800-1200km interval, the proportion of travelers who choose railway and airplane is similar, slightly fluctuating; above 1200km, the proportion of airplane choice is getting higher.

Third, the use of good travel data reports, become the key to the future of corporate travel management

Many companies are now paying more and more attention to travel reports when choosing to work with a professional travel management platform. Take spider travel as an example, in addition to providing one-stop travel solutions, multi-dimensional travel data analysis into a major highlight:.

1. Travel costs are analysed in their entirety

Image credit Spider Travel

From the organization of the control of travel spending, can help companies to fully understand the corporate staff travel plans, so that managers see through these data "behind the moral", to help customers maximize savings on travel expenses, and enhance the corporate travel experience and employee satisfaction.

2. Each small item needs to be analyzed in fine detail

Take spider travel a customer as an example, the company's February travel report, from airline tickets, train tickets, hotels and other expenses accounted for, the company members of the most common business trip city ranking distribution, train ticket type details, airline ticket booking time details, airline tickets and hotel consumption type details and total cost, airline tickets, hotels, train tickets change refund costs and each accounted for, the company's departments travel consumption details and ranking.

Image credit Spider Travel

3. Specific attention to each department and employee

In addition to the analysis of each line item, specific to the company's employee travel spending ranking, detailed records of specific employee travel spending are also very important for travel managers. Finally, the report also gives exclusive travel recommendations that fit each company based on inter-company travel, making it easy for each company to make adjustments.

So we can see that travel management by companies through streamlined internal process management and big data analytics will be a key trend in 2018.

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