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[Trolling] Several ways to ask questions in IM groups that I think are stupid

I. "Anyone? "

You can get a [in, please say] answer I'm convinced you, the result of such a question is often waiting half a day no one gives a shit about you, pessimistic you or this bleak quit the group, feeling the warmth of human feelings at the same time even began to doubt life; positive you or this just realized ~ or simply say the question, huh?

Other variants of this type are, "Any masters? ""Are the masters in?"" ...... Ha~ This question has to be analyzed as follows.

If it's a regular coder (not a master, nor a rattling half-wit), you'll be intimidated at once, in case you squeal, and your question is really profound, won't it be worth it if you don't god out shang to close, and you're accidentally despised a bit.

If you are an expert ~ (never been an expert, the following is purely YA) most people are studying their own problems, even if you ask a topic that can hit him very much want to "show off" (no pejorative), it depends on whether it happens to be in his spare time and want to show off mood, let alone bird this kind of almost nonsense question. That said, high or not the master this is quite relative, technical areas and the actual situation so many, the master is often only proficient in some of them, there is always their own unfamiliar, sometimes will be when they are rookies to ask people, but also afraid to have seen not their own higher hand, so the master does not necessarily recognize themselves as a master. So the chances of you getting a "I'm a master, I'm here, come on over" are lower than "Anyone?"

The third scenario is, "Are you coming to kick it" - a divine response from a group of friends, haha.

So, my advice is, just say the question directly, this is not to guest, less polite, less verbose, coders are mostly straightforward, the whole what the human world. People who will answer and are willing to answer will naturally reply to you, you don't care if they are in or not, whether they are experts or not, they can answer your questions on the line, right?

II. Designation of "expert numbers". Just in case it wasn't obvious enough, @ it

For this kind, if you are sure that as long as so-and-so answers, why don't you privately chat with people to diagnose one-on-one, the group can easily brush your problem out of the screen with all the talk.

If you don't really want to qualify so-and-so's answer, but want to get a national consultation while getting a specialist's number ~ good thinking haha, then I'm afraid there are some situations that you didn't expect, and let me break it down.

1. kind + enthusiastic groupies. Don't even care who you @, help as much as you need to ~ congrats on the math, it's the best result you can get, but ~ what's the difference between that and not hanging a specialist.

2. small-minded groupies ~ like me. Well, you are asking people, what am I doing, I know and do not answer you, accidentally by you to a "I asked you?" "You will? You do not know do not talk nonsense", that does not choke all day, pull back, do not suffer that gas, who likes to answer answer, I firmly do not answer. -- Believe it or not, several such questions go nowhere because the one specialist to be sought is not available, and to say that you always get your reckoning right and get a consultation can only mean that good people are still plentiful. But I sincerely hope you know that this kind of questioning does lead to such a result.

So, to elaborate on your loss with a chestnut, suppose there were 10 people in the group who would answer your question and 7 of them were like me (am I shady yet?). (bared teeth).

A. No specialist registration. The best result is that you get 10 people to answer, full of love na

B. Registration for a specialist. The best result is to get 3 people to answer, which isn't bad. Worst case scenario, you have a question that only 1 person can answer, but you're booked with another specialist

SO, give up this silly approach in order to maximize your benefits. Simply put, that expert you appoint won't decide to answer or not because you have @ him or not, but someone else might not answer because of it, fugue ~ don't give up a forest for a tree, don't give up an entire cesspool for a pile of poo.

Three, "Please ask WCF how to use" "I this program point OK why can not update the database"

The fact that you can figure out how to use WCF with a quiz, or get an incredibly accurate answer to the question "Why won't it update?" just says that you and the person answering are not average people, so I'm really impressed! Anyway, I mainly want to throw up on two kinds, for which I feel an aunt's powerlessness even to throw up, and how can I answer.

OK, just spit these 3 out for now, will fill in with fresh and hot ones. This post is just to satisfy my desire to troll, not trying to edify anyone much less help correct anything, it's none of my business if you get it right or if you learned your lesson.

Ask for fewer eggs~

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