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True-immersive: the future of mobile phones will come out with surround literature for more sensory reading

What's it like to read on your phone?

Lighter than paper books, but more damaging to the eyes?

For this reason, a reader called Kindle was invented to compensate for the "defects" of mobile phone screens, equipped with You can't do almost anything else but read. E-ink screen. Since then, there seems to be only one direction for the e-reading experience to go - becoming more like paper books.

Is there something not quite right about having our collection of highly sophisticated technology on mobile, froze down to chop features to simulate the reading experience that comes with a paper book?

Shouldn't the mobile side of reading make the most out of your phone as much as possible?

So the idea of using the screen to bring another dimension to literature, of using technology to create a new reading experience, was floated Let the book respond to the reader and let the world around the reader be part of the story

This is how the Ambient Lit project, a new reading experience developed in collaboration between UWE Bristol, Bath Spa University and the University of Birmingham, came about.

"Visual media technology has become so powerful as to be addictive. I'm interested in what it should mean to be at this stage of reading with a screen dominated by visual media. What kind of reading experience is native for mobile phones? Or do we have to stop at the page turning ebook stage? "Kate Pringle, Ambient Lit project in short horror fiction Breathe author of the project, explained her reasons for joining the project as follows.

Breathe read online Portal to.

Open Breathe's connection with your phone and you'll encounter the usual opening line when installing software:. For a better experience, we need the camera, location access to the phone. When you agree. It will use three different data settings to tailor the entire story to you, including your location, the weather, the season

If you are in Beijing when you read this story, and it's a Tuesday evening, this is when the story begins.

The world is full of ghosts.

They seem to have been there, waiting for something

They're in my room, in Beijing by your side

It's on my phone, in your house

In the air we breathe

The article will continue to reference your current location as you swipe the screen and delve into the protagonist's perspective. As the story reaches its climax, the background image behind the text changes to the image your phone's camera can currently see, as if the ghosts have taken over the story.

I'm very close to you.

I've reached XX Street.

You need me, not her.

XX Street is the specific street you're reading on.

There will be no major changes to the story itself, just minor details like location and such. These tiny offbeat touches will make you feel like the author already knew where you were.

How to use technology to illuminate stories is a top priority for the Ambient Lit project. In addition to Breathe, there are currently two other stories available for us to experience.

One was written by Duncan Spickman It Must Have Been Dark by Then that combines story and audio with the reader's geographical location.

It Must Have Been Dark by Then read online Portal to.

The other was written by James Attlee The Cartographer's Confession , which can combine audio with historical photos of London, and therefore can only be experienced in London.

The Cartographer's Confession read online Portal to.

In addition to location data, other features of smartphones can enter into the story, and another of Pringle's works Jellybone (Jellybone) , uses almost every phone feature: vibration, video, audio, even the notification status bar, to pull the reader into the story.

Jellybone for iOS download at

Jellybone for Android download at

These are experimental novels that are short in length, and Face suggests that you might want to experience them sometime~

Surrounding literature, representing a possibility for the future of reading on mobile.If ever a country comes out with a wrap-around literature e-book like "Forbidden City Thrillers", this gentleman will never be too bothered to take his phone to the field and experience it ~


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