Turning your perceptions upside down and refreshing your outlook! Walk to earn money

Ltd., based on the field of sports and health, with the support of blockchain technology, develops and operates the Funky App and online shopping mall. Funstep APP is a sports blockchain application product, different users generate different and unique sports information at different time and place, generate blocks of these unique information, and use workload consensus mechanism to reward Funstep candy by calculating node sports (step counting). The process of outputting funky candy is the process of counting steps for walking or running. While exercising, users can also use the harvested candy for activities related to platform exercise tasks redemption, mall merchandise redemption, merchant coupon redemption, user rewards, bounties and trading. At the same time, the platform provides a broader platform for production and sales by creating sports big data, facing manufacturers and sales merchants, giving real circulation value to Funky Candy, and opening up the transaction channel from factories to consumers.

Funky Chain, based on blockchain technology, is a sports blockchain application product developed for all people, with sports as the theme and clubs as the link. Different people at different time and place will generate different and unique movement information, generate blocks of this unique information, each person is a node, use proof-of-work consensus mechanism, reward funky candy by calculating node movement (step counting) and create funky chain (IWC) real application scenario.

At the same time, it builds sports data for manufacturers and sellers, giving real value to the distribution of Funky Candy, opening up the trading channel from factories to consumers, and providing a broader platform for production and sales.

It is a mobile app that combines blockchain technology and exercise to make money. What makes it different is that it has built-in IWC Candy, which is unique to Funky, and through the advanced technology needed to derive the energy generated by exercise into candy, it perfectly solves the need to both exercise and generate value, and the two promote each other and complement each other. The unique concept coupled with a solid technology barrier makes FunWalk (APP) extremely viable in the sports vertical.

Through the online social function, users can show their exercise status in this module, and can view all kinds of information and user sharing, while users can invite nearby users to do group exercise together, or create or join a club to exercise with club members, such as asking nearby users to run together at night or in the morning. The social function of "sunshine status" and the output of IWC candy make users' psychological motivation get timely compensation, while the team and club functions are both natural supervision, motivation and fun functions, which play a substantial role in promoting users to stick to exercise. In order to further enhance the fun and engagement of the sport, FunWalk (APP) will hold numerous offline events in the future to stimulate user growth and user viscosity.

At the end of the article to give you a news, according to Mr. Ye, CEO of Funky (APP), Funky (APP) plans to cooperate with banks, insurance, gyms, higher education institutions, hardware, Internet finance, offline event organizers and other parties at the end of the year, hoping to create a complete user experience chain and provide users with a complete service in every aspect. Finally, it has become an Internet sports and health advocacy brand that provides sports services, information, merchandise, payments, and activity events.

Registration link direct to https://www.51qub.com/html/reg?onlineid=20005738

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