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Two more academicians build workstations in Ningbo this time about mapping and geographic information

The development of spatial information industry is the focus and breakthrough point for Ningbo to build a smart city, develop a smart economy and enter into informationization in a comprehensive manner.

Yesterday and today, "mapping and geographic information technology transformation and upgrading - from digital to intelligent" theme of the seminar was held, 8 academicians, more than 40 experts and professors gathered in Ningbo, for Ningbo mapping and geographic development advice.

The workshop was jointly organized by Wuhan University, National Basic Geographic Information Center and Ningbo Municipal Planning Bureau, and co-organized by Ningbo Institute of Surveying and Mapping Design.

From spatial big data and artificial intelligence, new mapping in the new era, to photogrammetry AI cloud services in the 5G era, this workshop showed us the most cutting-edge development signals of mapping technology development.

At the seminar, "academician Ning Jinsheng and academician Li Jiancheng - academician workstation of Ningbo City Survey and Mapping Design Institute" signed a cooperation agreement. This means that the new period of the city to promote the transformation and upgrading of the mapping and geographic information industry ushered in a new stage.

The city's space information industry faces opportunities

With the increasing degree of informationization, the level of development of space information industry is directly related to the comprehensive national power and national defense security of the country, and has become a new high point of global competition in high-tech industry.

It is reported that the workshop relies on the 2017 major consulting project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The conference gathered eight academicians and scholars of China's mapping and geographic information industry, including Ning Jinsheng, Chen Junyong, Wang Jiayao, Zhang Zuxun, Liu Xianlin, Li Deren, Yang Yuanxi and Li Jiancheng, and also invited nearly 40 people, including professors and scholars from famous domestic universities, as well as industry representatives, to participate together.

This conference is full of big names, and it is easy to see the importance the city attaches to the development and transformation of the mapping and geographic information business.

The development of spatial information industry, on the one hand, is conducive to promoting the development of traditional industries to informationization and intelligence, optimizing the industrial stock, on the other hand, will accelerate business model innovation and give birth to new business models, providing strong power support for the sustainable development of Ningbo's economy in terms of incremental volume.

The seminar gave Ningbo a number of insights.

In terms of development prospects, the space information industry has a high growth rate for a long period of time.

Spatial information systems are the main means of obtaining the data required for the construction of smart cities and provide solutions for the collaboration of smart city data.

The construction of a government service system based on spatial information data and technology is an effective means of breaking down data barriers and linking information silos, and is the driving force behind the "most run once" reform.

As a core industry in the information industry, the spatial information industry will provide strategic opportunities for Ningbo's industrial upgrading.

Ningbo Institute of Surveying and Mapping Design Academician Workstation Signed Cooperation Agreement

In this morning's special seminar, academician Ning Jinsheng, academician Li Jiancheng and Zhang Ronghua, president of Ningbo Institute of Surveying and Mapping Design, signed a cooperation agreement on academician workstation.

The establishment of the academician workstation is an important initiative to promote the transformation and upgrading of the mapping and geographic information industry in the new period of the city, but also to actively respond to the "six striving to attack, three years to climb high" decision-making deployment, and constantly meet the needs of urban natural resource management under the new conditions.

After the completion of the academician workstation, will give full play to the role of academician experts in the city's mapping technology innovation, major project research and development, high-level talent cultivation, scientific and technological cooperation and exchange.

As a higher-level innovation platform built by the city, the academician workstation will be more powerful to promote the powerful integration of industry-academia-research and other innovative resources, and strive to achieve the effective pooling of talent flow, technology flow, business flow, and constantly promote the efficient growth of the city's mapping and geographic information industry and the powerful enhancement of innovation capabilities.

After the signing of the cooperation agreement, Ningbo Institute of Surveying and Mapping Design will further dock with the academician team and complete the declaration and construction of the academician workstation as soon as possible.

Reporter Zhang Ying Correspondent Shao Yuezhong Shen Pei Pei

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