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UK Business Secretary: Hinkley Point project sets an example of Sino-UK clean energy cooperation

British Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Greg Clark said in a joint interview with Chinese media on the 15th that in the post-Brexit era, Britain and China should firmly grasp the "golden opportunity" to meet the challenges and strengthen and deepen international cooperation in the fields of trade and economy, clean energy, artificial intelligence, data economy and so on.

The EU summit in Brussels on the 14th, the "Brexit" negotiations are one of the core issues. Clark said that in the post-Brexit era, the UK looks forward to continuing to trade easily with its EU partners. At the same time, the UK will actively expand its global partnerships, including China, to continue the "golden age" of UK-China relations. For Chinese companies and investors in the UK, the UK continues to have the locational advantage of being integrated into the European system and this trend is set to continue.

In a recently released UK Industrial Development Strategy report, the energy transition was cited as a key global challenge. Clark stressed that the two countries have a solid foundation for cooperation in the field of clean energy and have achieved great results.

"The Hinkley Point nuclear power station project, for example, is not only the largest energy investment in the UK, but also the largest infrastructure investment in Europe." Clark said the Hinkley Point nuclear power station project set an example of the global partnership between Britain and China in building a global partnership in clean energy.

The common challenge for both sides now is how to meet their climate change commitments at an "affordable cost". One of the objectives of his visit to China to attend the 9th Sino-British Economic and Financial Dialogue is to seek further expansion of energy cooperation, including offshore wind power.

He cited the example of the British side, which has accumulated successful experience in the field of offshore wind power generation, halving the cost of power generation in a little over a year. He hopes that the UK and China will expand the use of clean energy in the future while reducing costs and making it "affordable for ordinary consumers and businesses alike".

Clark has shown great interest in the "Made in China 2025" plan. He said the UK and China have similar conclusions on global trends, the same policy direction in industries such as artificial intelligence and robotics, and highly compatible industrial development strategies.

Clark said technological changes such as artificial intelligence and big data are shaping all areas of economic development, and human life is showing exciting and dramatic changes. "The cooperation that works best often crosses borders" and the UK hopes to promote international cooperation in these areas.

In his view, only active international cooperation in the face of global challenges could lead to common progress. "As part of the 'golden age', the UK and China should seize the 'golden opportunity' and cooperate fully to tackle global challenges together." Clark said.

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