Ubiquity joins forces with Shougang Park, Atris An Rangers robot in the world's largest AI industrial park

On December 26, the launching ceremony of "Zhongguancun (Shougang) Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Industrial Park" was officially held in Beijing Shougang Park. Leaders of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, Zhongguancun Administrative Committee, Shijingshan District Government, Shougang Group leaders, and relevant responsible comrades from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the city's New Shougang Office attended the event, and more than 200 AI industry representatives from Ubiquity, Baidu, IDG China and others visited the site to participate in the ceremony.

Photo: Ubiquity CTO Xiong Youjun and other company representatives sign cooperation agreement with Shougang Park

Source: Shougang News Center Sun Li

At the launch ceremony, Shougang Park and Ubiquity signed a contract to work together on innovation, entrepreneurship and high-tech demonstration applications. In the future. Ubiquity's intelligent inspection robot ATRIS (An Rangers) will provide intelligent security support for Shougang Smart Park.

Photo: Ubiquity's intelligent inspection robot ATRIS (An Rangers) in demonstration operation at Shougang Park

With this signing, Ubiquity will jointly carry out various projects with Shougang such as AI robot operation demonstration, event application, and Shougang Group business application.at the same time, Both parties will also work together to buildAI Robotics Display Platform。 Shougang Park and Ubiquity complement each other's strengths, Will work together to promoteAI Smart application scenarios and characteristic industrial ecology of robots, promote (an idea or cause)AI Integration of technology with the real economy, Integration with future urban needs, Making the AI Industrial Park the epitome of the future city and an accelerator of industrial development。

Shougang Park is a large-scale, joint development area within the central city of Beijing, and a resource pool for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Shougang Park is making every effort to build a "new landmark for the urban renaissance of the capital in the new era" in accordance with the requirements of the Beijing Municipal Government, focusing on the development of digital intelligence, science and technology innovation services and other high-precision industries. Shougang Park provides an excellent application scenario for urban technology and will gradually become an excellent area for cutting-edge technology companies to operate. Shougang Investment Company is responsible for the planning, construction and operation of Shougang Park as the management platform.

Ubiquity, as a global high-tech enterprise integrating artificial intelligence and service robot research and development, platform software development and application, and product sales. In order to seize the opportunity of global AI industry development and the construction of new landmarks for urban rejuvenation of the capital in the new era, Ubiquity will enhance its brand influence and carry out multi-disciplinary business cooperation with Shougang Park.

chart: Ubiquity Intelligent Inspection RobotATRIS( An Rangers) Testing at Shougang Smart Park

By using the Ubiquitous Smart Inspection RobotATRIS( An Rangers), Shougang Park can establish a fast, efficient and flexible intelligent security response mechanism, Provide an efficient means of support for campus security。ATRIS( An Rangers) ofU-SLAM Functionality of Autonomous Navigation, Allows Shougang Park to inspect the environment and terrain according to the park, Customized patrol locations、 Patrol routes and patrol hours, Create a complete package of intelligent security patrols。at the same time,ATRIS( An Rangers) Adapts to gravel roads、 gentle slope、 Multiple complex road environments such as steps, It can also be inspected in bad weather such as rain and fog。

Face recognition technology has important application value in campus intelligent security, Ubiquity's intelligent inspection robotsATRIS( An Rangers) Provided customization of the robot hardware platform。 ATRIS is equipped with a visible light module and thermal imaging module, which can ensure accurate identification of people within the field of view during the day, cloudy days and night, and realize all-weather patrol and control of sensitive areas.

chart: Ubiquity Intelligent Inspection RobotATRIS( An Rangers) Testing the function of going up and down stairs at Shougang Park

In addition. In the process of intelligent inspection by ATRIS (An Rangers), Shougang Park can instruct the robot to make mobile loop announcements at the patrol site through the high-decibel loudspeaker it carries to achieve the effect of policy advocacy and real-time public information notification.at the same time, Via wireless audio transmission system, The command center also allows for real-time intercom with patrol field officers。ATRIS( An Rangers) It also carries“SOS” Emergency call button, In case of emergency, When the button is pressed, The robot will automatically dial emergency numbers, Enabling information linkage between patrol sites and the Shougang Park Security Centre。

By using Ubiquity's intelligent inspection robotsATRIS( An Rangers), Shougang Park can start inspecting security work digitally、 The application of data application intelligence, Improved the speed and efficiency of security inspections in Shougang Park from all aspects。AI Intelligent algorithms for robots、 computer vision、 speech recognition、 New technologies such as big data analytics, Effectively enhances the efficiency of security inspections, Reduced manpower costs。

ahead, Ubiquity and Shougang Park to collaborate to promote digital intelligence industry led by artificial intelligence, Improve the industrial ecology featuring intelligent application scenarios, Aiming to be a model of the Olympic Movement driving urban development。


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