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Ulord Mining (III) - Investment Benefit Analysis and Post-Maintenance

The previous two articles described theUlord Mining the operating system installation and software configuration of, This article today looks at the investment benefits and Post maintenance aspect to the general laptop dig for coal or mineralsUlord do analysis。

Analysis of investment benefits

We mine for the purpose of hoarding coins for profit, not out of faith, so it is necessary to analyze the benefits of the investment in terms of data.

throw oneself into


If there is an idle laptop if (coming after a conditional clause), throw oneself into even0, I've got nothing to do anyway.。

If you are going to buy a computer specifically for mining, you need to factor in price and depreciation time.

For example, if you spend $3,000 on a PC mining Ulord with 2 years of depreciation, the monthly depreciation cost would be.

3000/24 = $125

Network costs

The input is 0, as most homes have broadband networks of their own and no additional investment is required.


Based on the power the computer is running on. I use a MacPro that is rated at 450W according to the official spec data.

The monthly electricity consumption is.


monthly tariff( According to the average household tariff0.6 primary/extent settle on, of which there are regional and time-of-use differences):

324 kWh * $0.6/kWh = $194.4


My MacPro with 900 H/S of arithmetic produces an average of 0.4 UT per day and one month of output.

0.4*30=12 UT

cost line

Based on the above inputs and outputs, my UT cost line was calculated as follows.

194.4/12 = $16.2/UT

currency price

Right now UT isn't on the exchange yet and it's unknown how much the coin will cost. We know that UT prices are around $5 based on being in the OTC trading group.

Conclusion on investment benefits

The cost of home mining is well over twice the secondary market price.

Home mining is actually a serious money loser and it's better to just take the money and buy it on the secondary market.

I also have friends around me that collectively rent multiple efficient servers, dedicated maintenance, professional mining pools, and produce an average of 3.6 UT per machine per day, while costing $600 per month per machine to run and maintain.

So their cost price is.

600/(3.6*30)=5.55 primary/UT

This price is a little bit higher than the secondary market price, but much cheaper than the cost of home mining.


Home mining is a serious money loser. To be profitable, you must use scaled, clustered mining methods to reduce costs.

Post maintenance

Since MacPro is a server, there are no external devices such as monitor, keyboard and mouse, so it is troublesome to connect to external devices that you normally don't even use to check the system operation.

Also, since I travel a lot, I need to monitor the operation of the machine all the time, but I can't be at home all the time, and I need to deal with problems in time, etc.

Between the above reasons, I found TeamViewer, a cross-platform remote control software to solve such problems.

The steps are as follows.

In mining laptop installed onTeamViewer。 because it isLinux system, optionLinux version。

In the daily use of laptop Install one on theTeamViewer。

Install TeamViewer on your phone or tablet as well.

Register a TeamViewer account and also log in to the above devices with this account.

Once these steps are completed, I can log into my mining computer from different terminals (PC, Mac, phone, tablet) and monitor the mining status in real time.

I can also remotely adjust the mining pool, restart the mining software, etc. if I run into an anomaly.


Home mining is actually losing money. To make a profit, mining at scale must be used to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

This is the end of the series of articles about Ulord mining, you are interested in this, you can add my WeChat private understanding, specify 'mining'.

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