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Ultra-small team WEB development, choose Django or Flask?


The volume of data for QA is huge, and the data comes from multiple systems in the form of API, SQL and some need secondary processing, which is complex to manage.

Based on this situation, a web front-end was prepared to be developed to enable data presentation and facilitate configuration. Secondary processed data is also better handled through code management.

Language Selection

python 3

Framework Comparison

Usually people use nothing but, Django or Flask.

So what should we choose for our team's situation?

Resource inputs

Tentative input of 1 person, with an additional supporting support

through (a gap) Time cost, System Function, User expectations Three aspects to consider:

Time cost

heavily dependent on the framework and the degree of personal mastery, flask flexible, but itself provides less functionality, Django although more complex, but feature-rich, comes with a very convenient admin, combined with ueditor can directly do the management of the backend to publish blogs and content management.

System Function

There is no complexity per se, and both flask and Django are easy to implement. But don't forget that Django's admin can save you a lot of things.

User expectations

Do they care what technology you use? They want a product, not which technologies you use? They are more satisfied if you can meet their needs in a short period of time. Most of this small project is done by you alone, right? That equates to being a product manager and program ape yourself, so don't let yourself limit your thinking to thinking like you're just a programmer, it will make your choices clearer.


django is a very heavy framework, flask is a very light framework, django provides a lot of very handy tools and wraps a lot of things (like models, users, authentication). What django provides is a set of design patterns, and following this can be very effortless. Also, the official documentation for django is quite thorough. For self-study, you can get started quickly by trying out the tutorials directly from the official website.

As its slogan says, rapid project development, django is a powerful tool. However, the framework is heavier and does more for you, which naturally reduces the freedom you have to develop. In contrast, flask is a bit more customizable and you can do development according to your own patterns. If you are a small team, doing some "regular" projects, and want to develop and iterate quickly, then try django, you won't regret it.

Other recommendations

If you just want to learn, there is no progress to go and both have not touched, recommend a light framework such as flask, the reason is that the learning model of this framework is incremental, you can start from your needs with how much to learn, and django such a framework must learn the whole once, although it is likely that django as a whole than the entire content of flask to learn less.

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