Uncle Bear is not happy these days


Uncle Bear really

Uncle Bear reallybe

Uncle Bear is really

Uncle Bear is really very unhappy



It's important to say it three times~

It was a good thing to do, but it's making Uncle me very upset.

Some time ago, when the traffic master feature was opened for the public, a few bucks a day was generated to the platform. It's great for us self-publishers who spend our days working on a public website. Although this can't support me, but the usual hard work can exchange for some material food, is also very good to say ah~

But there really are some people who have nothing better to do, so much so that Uncle Bear received such a notice the other day!

Starlight Bear has been open since 2013, and it wasn't until these past two years that our direction was set. We bring you a comic and multiple novels, etc. every week, and on top of that, Uncle Bear relies on his ladder to bring you some different news from outside the walls and enrich your insight, all of which depends on our daily accumulation. Uncle Bear also through the public number, to organize groups, forward our tweets, this is actually also a purpose, through the forwarding, increase the article of the amount of exposure, to attract user traffic and click, but soon after a few days, we received such a notice, alas ~ ~ ~ we just feel some ~ ~ no motivation ~ ~

Cue the good folks clicking on the ad placement only to have some disgruntled users complain. Maybe these people think this is the way to monetize a public website, but in reality, if us small self-publishers can make money from this, then you might as well give me a rope to die on! It's just exhausting to live.

Now, the blocking notice of WeChat public, the platform has no more revenue, there is a possibility that it will not be updated in the future, this is not the satisfaction of the reported users? Doesn't it feel like you have an immediate presence. Mmmmmm, you win! Really!

In fact, most of the public number within the circle is not much money profit, are not as good as our platform to live, a few days ago and the friend number contacted, found that they were also a few days ago by the WeChat such a notice, they are a lot of people are their own to post money inside, such a notice, to their blow is not small, feel pay not get a return.

Speaking of which, do you good folks see what I'm whining about? If you get it, then the public will reopen the bottom ad feature on February 2, and we hope you'll support our public platform then!

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