cool hit counter Unmanned vehicles, new energy vehicles, RV bases ...... Soon, all of this will be seen in Zhaoqing!_Intefrankly

Unmanned vehicles, new energy vehicles, RV bases ...... Soon, all of this will be seen in Zhaoqing!

Have you ever imagined a picture like this?

Leisurely weekends, family

Riding in a driverless new energy vehicle

Go for a trip to Zhaoqing RV touring base ......

But I'm telling you.

That's going to happen soon!

Today, the Zhaoqing New District Management Committee and Shenzhen Huameng Auto Industry Group Co. Signing of a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Huameng Group to build in Zhaoqing New District New energy vehicle R&D and manufacturing base, national RV chain tourism base corporate headquarters, international digital commodity trading center South China trade headquarters, automotive import and export trade corporate headquarters 4 major projects.

By Liang Xiaoming, Xijiang Daily

These four major projects will, in the near future

Change our lives!

New Energy Vehicle R&D and Manufacturing Base

The project is based on New energy power, artificial intelligence internet connection, driverlessness and private customizationfor the core competitiveness, to build a headquarters enterprise manufacturing base integrating new energy vehicle design, technology research and development, accessories, final assembly and testing, and strive to start production within three years. Annual production of about 100,000 units New Energy Vehicles.

Corporate headquarters of the national caravan chain tourism base

The project is based on Zhaoqing's green hills and waters, and features multimodal transportation by air, road, rail and port, integrating RV camping, helicopter flights, cruise ship tours harmony Business & Leisure As one.

International Digital Commodity Exchange South China Trade Headquarters

The project will Building an operational service platform to serve high-tech enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region , to serve small and medium-sized enterprises in high-tech digital merchandising, global trade, and trade distribution.

Headquarters of automobile import/export trading enterprises

Huameng Group will give full play to its role in Auto terminal sales, auto distribution channel construction, auto import/export trade and other areas of advanced advantages in the construction of automotive import and export trade enterprise headquarters in Zhaoqing port.

When it comes to new energy vehicles, the

The recent "good news" of Zhaoqing in this field

It could be one after the other!

"366" project of the new energy automotive industry cluster of more than 100 billion yuan

Beginning to take shape!


Xiaopeng Automotive Technology Industrial Park starts construction

On December 11, Xiaopeng Automotive Intelligent Network Link Technology Industrial Park (Zhaoqing Base) officially started construction in Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, which will develop pure electric vehicles in the field of new energy transportation as the core, and build a comprehensive and modern industrial park with multiple businesses as a whole. Of which complete vehicle production projects Investment of $10 billion ; the first phase of the project is expected to be completed Annual production capacity of 200,000 vehicles


Zhongdian New Energy Vehicle's first complete vehicle rolls off the production line

12month8 sun, Zhaoqing High-tech Zone Zhongdian New Energy Vehicle's first complete vehicle rolls off the production line, This is a new energy logistics minivan with its own brand launched by CLP Motor。 post-commissioning, CLP New Energy's pure electric logistics vehicles are expected to Annual production capacity of 50,000 vehicles It is expected that Annual output value of about 10 billion yuan


Hua Feng shares of new energy vehicle project started

On December 8, Huafeng launched the groundbreaking ceremony for the new energy vehicle project. The project is dedicated to the R&D and production of key components for new energy vehicles, and the first phase of the project will build a production base for high-performance electric vehicle power platform products.

By Liu Chunlin, Xijiang Daily

I believe we will soon be able to

In a driverless new energy vehicle.

It's time to visit the RV touring base!

Let's do it together! Same! Period! Stay!

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