Unusual, Baidu live-streams fleet of unmanned vehicles testing at CES

This year marks the 51st year of CES and the first time that the Baidu World Congress has gone out of the country.

However, we found something very interesting: in this nearly two-hour session, Baidu did not carefully present the key parameters and upgrades of Apollo 2.0.

Instead, a lot of time was spent introducing partner stations as well as a live video stream format that said relatively more about the strength of autonomous driving and the scale of R&D.

Why is that?

Some claim that this situation is very clear evidence that Baidu still has a gap in technological prowess with American companies. Therefore, a strategy of avoidance was used, without going into too much detail about technical details, etc.

It was also said that Baidu chose to render the scale and concept of the main speech, mainly because it now has a huge market volume overseas, so that speaking about scale and other content becomes the focus.

On the CES floor, Baidu live-streamed the unmanned fleet test.

In the video, we can see the MKZ test car, which doesn't have the usual safety officers, and even more surprisingly, the engineer has the audacity to sit in the back of the vehicle.

It's no wonder that users are saying that this car is definitely taking life to experience.

This drama played out at Google in November of 2017. For example, the Google Waymo public road test also had safety officers in the back row.

So, Baidu's "old trick" is actually another way of saying that their technology is fine.

Finally, expect this self-driving technology for simple city roads to help more people's lives.

(Note: all images are from the internet, thank you)

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