ValueCyber: Blockchain + Production Chain, Building the Global Economy of the Future This Way

The blockchain is gradually changing from a "masculine" phenomenon enjoyed exclusively by small circles to a "popular" one in which many companies are involved, amidst the high price of bitcoin and ethereum. As a result of gradual familiarity, the drawbacks exposed by the blockchain that gave birth to bitcoin and ethereum have begun to surface.

Cons 1: Bitcoin and Ether are turning their backs on decentralization

With 90% of Bitcoin's transactions taking more than 12 hours to confirm, and Ether having been stuck with cloud-fed cats, the mysterious aura of Bitcoin as well as Ether is becoming dimmer under such events, and the reason behind it is that Bitcoin and Ether are on a path that goes against decentralization.

Bitcoin's arithmetic power is concentrated in 10 mining pools around the world, and the amount of arithmetic power determines the decision making power of its system ; Ether, on the other hand, is based on the number of Ether coins owned and the age of the coin to form a decision vote, which clearly runs counter to the decentralized concept of the blockchain; Others such as the private chain Ripple are even more so because they can change permissions, much less be included in the decentralized category.

Disadvantage 2: Difficulty in generating a boost to the real economy

In this regard, the nature of Bitcoin - a cryptographic symbol of circulation - dictates that its role is limited to facilitating the flow of transactions once people agree on its value, and that it is powerless against the complex business logic of reality; Although Ether is able to bring together projects in various fields in the form of sub-chains, its high consensus cost, poor collaboration ability and separation of "transaction user-miner" communities determine its limited usefulness to the real economy.

From the industrial revolution to the Internet, a universal business logic has been confirmed - only technologies that have an impact on real life will win the ultimate market acceptance. Blockchain as a new technology has been recognized for its ability to transform reality, however, the two major drawbacks of both Bitcoin and Ether in their real-world applications dictate that they will have an increasingly limited path to growth.

It is also the limited nature of bitcoin and ethereum to transform real life that determines their fate to be reversed, and ValueCyber is one of the "revolutionaries".

Change 1: Penetrating Blockchain+ into real life

The concept of Internet+ has allowed the Internet to penetrate all walks of life and has dramatically changed our lifestyles and living conditions. Now that blockchain technology has received attention from all sides, in the coming years, blockchain+ is bound to become the initiator of a new round of industry and industrial changes, and ValueCyber will play the role of a connector.

On the one hand, ValueCyber will build a "blockchain+" production network in different industries through community blockchain to realize the connection between each link in the production process of goods and between multiple producers in the link, and promote the collaboration and acceleration of the production process within and outside the industry.

On the other hand, ValueCyber will digitize people, products and assets, and establish a secure and honest "value-debt" network system through access mechanisms and community consensus. Typical application scenarios in this area include copyright, collectibles, finance, and other areas.

Change 2: Optimizing Bitcoin, Ether for Centralization

In the practical application of blockchain + production chain, ValueCyber will help each member who joins to build a public chain, and a collective consensus mechanism can be established within and between public chains through smart contracts, that is, some members can reach consensus to make value determination, which can greatly reduce the cost consumed by network-wide consensus and also truly realize the purpose of decentralization.

Change III: Towards global economic interoperability

In the process of global economic integration, there are still problems such as different local currencies between countries, asymmetric information between companies and inconsistent legal provisions. ValueCyber, on the other hand, can encompass global economic entities through community blockchain, hassle-free cross-chain cooperation, and community consensus, thereby facilitating secure, smooth, and fast cross-border and cross-regional business. Currently, ValueCyber's team is already working on blockchain community building in countries such as the UK, France, Spain and Japan, and when conditions are ripe, a global production chain will be presented to the public.

Change 4: Avoiding Coin Speculation

When the entire ValueCyber ecosystem of value networks is established, it will empower industries to keep expanding upwards. That means achieving a state where digital currency issuance is in sync with the development of the real economy. This would avoid or even solve the problem of digital currencies like Bitcoin, which are issued in isolation from the real economy, being hotly speculated and thus affecting the functioning of the real economy.

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