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Vigilance! Internet scams are now a new tactic, "blockchain" is also "hot"

A new tactic of internet fraud has emerged

"Blockchain" is also being "rubbed in"

Are you attracted to the myth?

As the price of blockchain assets such as "Bitcoin" has soared, there has been a growing interest in blockchain, and digital currency investments, from the average investor. Some unscrupulous elements also caught wind of the "hot spot" to commit fraud

Step1: Building fake trading websites

The crooks often build fake trading websites outside the country under the name of "investing in virtual currencies based on blockchain technology", and by advertising themselves as "operating entities in the US/UK/France ...... The company's "virtual currency" is the banner of cooperation with a famous company blockchain, with "short period, high return, low risk" and other characteristics, in order to deceive the trust of Internet users. The unscrupulous elements also hide key information such as their domain names and various contact details, making it impossible for the defrauded person to find the real owner of the website in question or to authenticate its credentials.

Step2: Entice the victim to transfer money to the designated account

Once the victim believes the website's propaganda and is ready to top up to the "fake trading site", the crooks often trick the victim into believing that "it's normal to top up to a private account" through rhetoric (watch out!). (It's a private oh, which means that investor top-up operations on these fake sites can only be done manually by hand and is clearly a scam). What's more, they directly provide fake recharge links to directly cheat the victim's bank account password.

Police Tips

While the general public is concerned about hot issues such as "blockchain" and "coin speculation", they should be wary of some fraudsters taking advantage of hot issues to commit fraud.

Keep in mind. not to click on unknown links, not to believe in "flimsy" promises, not to transfer money to personal accounts. Just in case you get scammed.

Source: Net Security Together_Shanghai Net Police

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