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Vigilance! Some platforms are using big data to "kill" people! For a $300 room, a familiar guest wants 380, and even more infuriating ......

Today, more and more people are choosing to spend their Chinese New Year by traveling. When you go out, you have to book tickets and hotels. Various online ticketing platforms have also become a must-have app in everyone's phone

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However, behind the seeming convenience lies a hidden risk. Some time ago, the microblogger "Master Liao Master Liao" described himself Being "killed" by platform big data The experience has drawn countless heated debates from the internet.

A hotel you can book for $300 on a friend's account

As a regular customer, he wants $380.

He tweeted that he often books a room at a particular hotel through a travel service website for around $380 to $400 for a long year. Once by chance, he learned through the front desk that off-season prices are usually in the $300. Up and down. He checked with a friend's account and found that the price was indeed $300; the But when I went to check with my own account, it was still $380.

Afterwards, the user called customer service and asked for an operator, who said that it might be a problem with its cache. When they heard that there was a possibility of prosecution, they waived the room as fast as they could.

After the above-mentioned microblog was sent out, it quickly attracted the attention of the majority of netizens, with retweets exceeding 20,000, and everyone spouting their The "ripped off" experience

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I'm taking a taxi with a classmate, we're on a similar route and model and I'm going to pay $5 or $6 more than them . ""Pick a ticket and cancel it, then pick that ticket and the price immediately goes up, or even doubles." "My consumption is higher and my husband's consumption is lower, and when I opened the unlimited service, he just had to open the $88 package and I had to open the $138 package." ......

Big data "killing" is a common phenomenon

Privacy can be hidden from the pillow, but not from internet companies

Such a phenomenon is common . "Talking about the behavior of some network companies using big data to "kill ripe", Yang Yixian, a professor at the School of Cyberspace Security of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said frankly that many enterprises can hardly resist the temptation of price difference. When relevant points of interest are captured with big data, a series of measures are taken to earn the benefits.

And today. Big data thinking has also long been pervasive. Where do you like to stand during group photos, do you like to step left or right foot first when crossing a threshold, what kind of people do you like to deal with, some habits you don't realize, big data may have picked up on.

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"It is important to acknowledge that, as a practical matter, the killing power of big data privacy mining has far exceeded the capabilities needed for big data privacy protection." Yang Yixian said.

In response, one user exclaimed:" Even if you can hide your privacy from your pillow, you can't hide it from Internet companies。”

Professionals say this move by businesses has had

Protecting privacy requires a multi-pronged approach

A number of professionals working in the legal field have told reporters that The practice of setting different prices for the same product for different consumers is clearly problematic , merchants should adjust their price lists in a timely manner.

"If you rely on technology alone, it's clear that there's nothing you can do about it, and it can even exacerbate privacy breaches the more you protect it." Yang Yixian said. There must be a multi-pronged approach

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"In addition, the concept of privacy needs to be reinvented when necessary." Yang Yixian said, because after all, privacy itself is a thing related to ethnicity, religion, culture, etc., and in a sense is also a convention, there has never been a timeless privacy, especially when something is no longer confidential, it should no longer be seen as privacy anyway.

netizens' hot reviews

Liu Xin RUC : It used to sound like a pipe dream to talk about first-degree price discrimination in economics, but now with the so-called big data, it's being achieved in a grand way. (First-degree price discrimination: a different price per unit of product, which assumes that the monopolist knows the maximum amount of money each consumer will pay for any quantity of the product and determines the price accordingly, and is thus able to capture the entire consumer surplus of each consumer. )

Choo Choo Little Star Businessmen are all the same, regardless of whether they are traditional or Internet-based.

Galactic Rover.: Rest assured, this is still a shallow application of big data. Will dig deeper and deeper into your exploits later.

Dream Maker Az : In the old days of traditional business when everyone had the same deep pit, nowadays the internet big data era can accurately calculate how deep the pit is for you, isn't this an improvement?

AD down : The relevant laws must be introduced to severely punish!

Editor's Note

The advancement of technology is an unstoppable trend of the times. Big data itself is innocent, it's the human use that counts. We should not let incidents like this go to dismiss the positive impact of big data, but at the same time, it is important to note the asymmetrical contradiction between its rapid development and privacy protection. Only when industry norms are systematically established can big data truly achieve healthy and virtuous development

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