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Virtual resource download site source code - empire cms kernel

Virtual source code, before using a website program for their own use Empire cms for the kernel Optimization is very good very fast, do a lot of modifications and increase in functionality, including the top of the site telescopic advertising, sharing features customer service features, member registration Username detection Email detection Password detection, increased member sign-in function Member promotion function, separate member sign-in and promotion plug-ins at the time spent hundreds of dollars, the background also increased the Baidu real-time push, sitemap file generation to facilitate the submission of search engines, the interface all changed to red version Look more atmospheric, the only shortcoming is that the site was not designed to be adaptive, in fact, do resource download station mobile phone users are not a lot or computer-based users.

1, modify the config.php file under the econfig directory change the database information to your own 2, visit https://Your domain name/shujuku , this is the empire backup king used to restore data, login account: yuanmadidai password: 12345678 , login to set the database connection parameters, and then restore the database, restore the shujuku this folder to delete the line no use 3, this time the site is installed, login to the background: https://Your domain name/e/admin account: admin password 123456 , 4, in the background point system and then the left point data update, point data update center, start updating from refresh all information column page start all refresh again finally refresh the home page to end here

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