Voxon Technology helps shopping centers "Internet +" transformation to deliver business wisdom

On January 17, the CPSC 2018 Chinese New Year Networking Meeting and Good Life Business Trend Development Forum themed "'Change and Unchanging' Good Life and Infinite Business" was successfully held in Shenzhen. The forum was organized by the CPSC Shopping Center Development Committee, and Chen Xiao, Vice President, Huang Zixuan VP/Marketing/Sales, and Zhang Xiang VP/Product/Technology of Shenzhen Wooxiang Technology Co. And together with executives and brand founders in the industry sector, we will interpret the latest changes in business operations and study the direction of services for a better life.

In this development forum, major enterprises have demonstrated their advantages and innovative operation and management concepts, making significant contributions to promoting the development of the industry and building a better new life. Among them, it is worth mentioning that Shenzhen Wohang Technology Co. In response to the current development trend of flexible and changeable shopping centers, Voxon Technology proposes a complete set of "Internet + shopping center" solutions, and takes "democratic management + backward supervision" as the base point to fully build an "army" armed with information technology, i.e., the perfect integration of brands, stores and shopping centers. This allows shopping centers to position their major business modules more clearly, and to make full use of the convenience of the mobile Internet while obtaining effective traffic data and realizing economic benefits.

For shopping centre operators, changes in consumer behaviour have a direct impact on project planning and development strategies. Traditional market research can only reveal past patterns but cannot adequately cater for changing consumer behaviour. The development and application of big data technology can make it possible and even inevitable for shopping centre managers to get a better grasp of consumer behaviour earlier. In the view of Vosun Technology, "digital operation" is an ideal management model, but shopping centers are still in an early stage of construction at the data level, and it is impossible to achieve "digital operation" without a data pool.

In addition, despite the rapid growth of the Internet economy, major business centers still suffer from poor information, outdated methods, isolated operations, and data segregation. For this reason, Wohon Technologies has creatively developed a system that does everything on your phone. The system is based on the integration of the Internet as the core foundation to enhance the communication between people and things, and to achieve traffic conversion. To date, the system has taken the lead in processing over 20,000 daily orders, over half a million on notices issued, and over two million on business messages, with a completion rate of 99.9%, a five-fold increase in processing efficiency compared to FY16. Its nodal, process-oriented management model combines both the effective model of Internet thinking and the basic principles of business management, because the linkage makes the ability to accurately distinguish between customer groups to place activities is greatly enhanced, and can be considered the most advanced Internet business center management system in the industry.

Ltd. is not only a national high-tech enterprise, but also one of the earliest smart business solution providers in China, providing users with complete smart business operation tools to realize the integration of membership, points, card coupons, data and operation, improve efficiency and visualize operation, which has become an important catalyst for the development and innovation of "retail industry and shopping centers". Not only does it help inform and integrate the real business, but it also promotes the development of branding and network development speed of the enterprise.

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