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Wang Xiaochuan: Building a new digital medical association to open up the "last mile" of medical benefits to the people

BEIJING, March 4 (Xinhua) -- "To form a new medical model, traditional hospitals and the Internet need to be added and integrated. "Wang Xiaochuan, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and CEO of Sogou, said that the construction of a new type of medical association to further open up the "last mile" of medical care for the people.

One of the proposals prepared by Wang Xiaochuan is a new medical association "digital family doctor" system focusing on artificial intelligence for medical applications. Wang Xiaochuan introduced the medical association and Internet medical as a useful practice to promote health care reform has been effective, the initial realization of medical resources down the medical association, the next step is to reach patients more widely; Internet medical in addition to making patients convenient access to medical care, but also to further provide a full cycle of medical and health services.

Photo: Wang Xiaochuan, CEO of Sogou Inc. By Li Qing, CNN

Wang Xiaochuan suggested building a new type of medical association, widely connecting high-quality resources to the end of patients through digital technology, opening up the "last mile" of medical care for the people, providing a three-tier supply model of "core hospitals + primary health service institutions + digital family doctors", improving medical efficiency and accuracy, promoting graded diagnosis and treatment, and striving to realize that every Chinese family has a family doctor and promote medical care for all.

He said that making digital health services available to users is not something that can be done by one Internet company, but requires a concerted effort from all parties. "For example, Internet companies are superior in their understanding of users and their grasp and use of artificial intelligence technology, but how to treat patients is the hospital's expertise, which requires the joint participation of multiple parties."

"In terms of digital family doctors, Sogou has made great progress with the launch of its 'Sogou Ming Medical' intelligent triage service, and along these lines, the next step could be to take advantage of the Internet's reach to users to further increase the contracting rate and coverage." Wang Xiaochuan said.

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