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Warcraft players are very grumpy and the game is unevenly equipped, which is causing them to lose servers

The hatred of love is the beginning of turning black.

When you play MMO games, do you often have problems with uneven trophy distribution? Especially in many random books, some people always randomly press "demand" and roll everything as you see it, even if you can't equip them.

Mao Hui Mao Hui!

This situation often leads to blowouts, especially in some classic MMOs like World of Warcraft, and the first cause of many guilds breaking up is the uneven distribution of copies.

In a foreign country, a little brother had a strange brain circuit. He began to take revenge on the rest of the team due to "conflicts between the distribution of the booty and the rest of the commando team".

Maybe he was really angry at the time, but he couldn't help it. He thinks you won't make labor work, and that labor can't accomplish it.

So the level of the show is top notch.

Hacked some World of Warcraft servers

, causing those players who have conflicts with him as well as full service players to be unable to log into the server. This attack lasted many times.

While the culprit of these attacks has yet to be found, Blizzard's father never gives up, so persistently. If you dare to crack his server, he'll get you.

Eight years later, the Romanian player was found to have attacked the servers of the World of Warcraft European Services team and was extradited to the United States, where he served a year in federal prison.

The brother in prison speaks good English.

Such a capricious player, such an obsessive Blizzard, powder!

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