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Warlords of Glory opens for free public beta tonight with dedicated "potatoes" in place

In previous reports, we already knew that Ubisoft would be configuring dedicated servers for its For Honor, which previously had a terrible internet connection (for a detailed explanation of how dedicated servers connect, you can read our previous in-depth report on Yu-Gi-Oh! And today, we will finally experience the game's dedicated servers.

Last night Ubisoft announced that the test of Souls of Glory for Dedicate Server will be available with It takes place today at 21:00 BST until 21:00 on the 18th This round The beta will be free for all players on all platforms across PS4, PC, and Xbox One

Key points about this test are as follows.

  · The test is also focused on testing the game's dedicated server functionality, so the test will only include the game's PVP mode.

  ·  The modes tested contained the game's 1V1 mode, 2V2 mode and 4V4 related occupation and pilgrimage modes.

  ·  All of the game's heroes (including DLC) were available in the test (unlocked through 1 iron money only), but all progress, items acquired by the player in the test are not inherited.

  ·  To participate in this beta, players playing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam, Uplay) Just search for "For Honor - Free Open Test" on the store and download it, the game's beta preload is now open (about 23GB)

Also, players who own the game and participate in this round of testing will be able to receive some in-game item rewards. For the game's dedicated server, the previous official said that it will be configured for the game's 4V4-related mode, and further news is pending on whether the game's 1V1 and 2V2 modes will get dedicated servers in the future.

Finally, during this round of testing, players can report directly to the game's official forums if they encounter any relevant problems. As for the official launch time of the game's dedicated server, we at will keep an eye on it subsequently.

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