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Watch out for the UAC

When using net use to access the default share (X$) on nt6.x systems, you may encounter a situation where

Access denied! Test belongs to the management group, why is that? At this point, if you switch to access with the built-in administrator (if that account is enabled), you will find that the command completes properly. It's strange how the difference in being an admin can be so big. To be honest this bird problem has been bugging me all day, puzzling over it, trying all sorts of things, and in the end, heaven forbid, it always led me to the cause:.

UAC (User Account Control)

This one, as we know, exists to pull down the default operating privileges of administrators, and is dedicated to making administrators not "administrators", for the sake of so-called security. So when UAC is turned on, the self-built administrator will have to ask for and manually confirm the operations that require administrative privileges before granting you the administrative privileges you need to complete the operations ~ what a fucking setup. This is not a big problem for manual operation, just a little trouble, but for the automatic execution of the script, this is fucked, such as the above command, because the damn UAC let test is not "administrator", and access to the default share is required to manage permissions, so it is denied, not to give you the opportunity to confirm the right to mention ~ even if there is, the automatic execution of the script in the middle of the night also requires the user to confirm it is not fucked.

So, admins, for your scripts or other programs to run smoothly, please stay away from UAC:.

Pull to minimum → reboot → problem solved.

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