Watch out, your computer is secretly mining for someone else!

Last week, a brief talk was given on how to mine Monroe Coin, and those of you who have tried it know that the operation is actually very simple. However, a computer mining efficiency is very slow, and a large investment has a series of problems such as initial capital and the cost of electricity.

What to do?? The easiest way to get someone else's computer to mine for you is to, Turning Website Traffic Into Digital Currency! Here it is. hacker (computing) (loanword) What we're talking aboutJS mining method: Put up a paragraph for the websiteJavascript code, Website visitors then become diggers, A steady stream of digital currency is generated for you!JS Scripts can be used to mine multiple digital currencies, One of the more popular ones at the moment is the Monroe coin。

Currently, the most popular JS script is provided by Coinhive, exclusively for mining Monroe coins.

The Coinhive tool is actually a JavaScript library, and after a user visits a website that loads that JS, Coinhive's JS codebase runs on the user's browser and starts mining Monroe coins for the website owner, consuming the user's own CPU resources.

Unfortunately. Despite the ingenious idea of Coinhive's design for Monroe Coin miners, the minds of scammers are limitless and soon Coinhive was abused. Just days after its launch, Coinhive has spread to almost all corners of the malware community.

Why Choose Monroe Coin? Probably because the Monroe coin mining algorithm is designed to be very computer friendly, And it's extremely anonymous.( Much higher than bitcoin), So this.JS The scripts are circulating very high on the black market, From time to time you can see hacker (computing) (loanword) Use your computer or browser to work for them for free in the news。

According to reports, many websites are now starting to hide mining code in web scripts to steal computing power for mining when users visit, at a very low and undetectable cost of acquiring coins.

How large is this amount? A report from Adguard states that 2.2% of the top 10,000 Alexa TOP pages do this, which is 220 sites, taking up about 500 million computers

This comes after The Pirate Bay, the world's largest BT resource download site, admitted it was testing web mining with the aim of replacing ad revenue and then making it an ad-free site.

It's not a Trojan and it can't do you any financial damage, but it will eat up a lot of your CPU! This can directly cause your computer to lag or even crash, seriously affecting the Internet experience. What's even more irritating is that many sites don't ask for your permission beforehand, let alone share the "mine" with you!

It is understood that there are currently these ways to become absentee for free.

1.Hidden JS Code

Users automatically start mining as soon as they visit the site and don't get any notification.

2.CAPTCHA, a type of challenge-response test (computing)

Generate into a verification button on the user registration screen - just like Google RECAPTHA. After you click verify, JS will automatically run until a certain number of "coins" are mined (this number is set by the webmaster), and then the verification is passed. It doesn't run in the background all the time and stops instantly after verification.

3.short link

Coinhive can be used to convert any link into a short link starting with It works on the same principle as CAPTCHA, the user needs to dig a certain number of "coins" to complete the page jump, and it will not run in the background all the time.


Simple and straightforward UI interface, users need to actively click to start mining, it doesn't run automatically. Also, users can adjust their own mining speed and threads to avoid lag caused by high CPU load.

5.Ad-free mode

A pop-up window asks for the user's permission, and after the user agrees to start mining continuously, and turns off site-wide ads for the user, and the user can regulate the mining speed by himself. For users who are extremely ad-averse, this may be a better option.

6.pop-up window asking for a reward

This is a feature provided by Coinhive manager, a third-party platform. Once this code is added to the site, an alert pop-up will pop up when a new user visits, asking for permission. In this way, loyal users can use their idle CPU resources to "reward" you.

While there are many ways to do this, a large number of hacker (computing) (loanword) You don't get that much humanely. option, they'll just use the first method to plant JS code directly to get you to mine for him for free

It can be found The more visited a site is, the longer the user stays, the more efficient the mining is . For example, fiction, video or even indescribable sites should work well.

As regular users, we should still first worry about not having our computers exploited in the first place. The method is simple, inside Chrome browser, search forMinerBlock, then install this tool and you'll be able to fend off most malicious digs.

Finally, there's the official Coinhive website that some individual webmaster or small hacker who takes the leap wants:

Some references to: growth black box, mottoin

It's here.

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