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WeChat annual data questioned for "monitoring chat"

On January 9, at the 2019 WeChat Open Class, WeChat released the 2018 WeChat Annual Data Report, showing us some of the "real" WeChat user data over the year. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The report shows that in 2018, WeChat messages were sent 45 billion times a day, an increase of 18% over the previous year; The number of audio and video calls reached 410 million, a 100% increase over the previous year. In the travel, retail, restaurant, and public service sectors, the number of monthly payers all grew more substantially in 2018 than the year before.

According to the report, WeChat summarized the user profiles of five groups of people: post-00s, post-90s, post-80s, post-70s, and over 55 years old. Among them, the number of post-00s who paid for cold drinks and desserts every month in 2018 increased by 230% compared to the previous year, and they are "ice-sweet teenagers with a taste for sweet and cold, with half cold drinks and half desserts in their bodies"; The post-90s wake up the latest and travel the most frequently on public transport; The post-80s spend their daytime energy mainly on work, and their reading is always focused on national events; The post-70s love to brush their friends' circle during their leisure time, and usually go to bed at around 23:00; People over 55 years of age go to bed early and wake up early, and make a habit of talking to their children by video after dinner.

WeChat announced yesterday the 2018 WeChat Annual Report, the main statistics is the "characteristics" of WeChat users of various age groups, from the post-00s covering to the post-70s, which is the main user population of WeChat, among these users, the post-90s are the latest to wake up, while the post-80s are most concerned about national events, which stage do you belong to?

It is worth noting that WeChat also announced the favorite small emojis of five categories of people, among which, the favorite emoji of the post-00s is to cover their faces and cry, the post-90s love to laugh and cry, the post-80s love to bare their teeth and laugh, the post-70s love to cover their mouths and the over-55s love to like.

In this regard, some users reported that "WeChat does not read the chat content, how can we count the emoji usage images? Some users also thought, "Is it a violation of privacy to monitor people's sleep in private? 」

At the same time, some Weibo users said, "Why does WeChat know that users over 55 years old are used to chatting with their children after dinner? Not all parents set their children's WeChat names as son or daughter. How can WeChat know the relationship between parents and children? 」

Tencent: The data has been anonymized and desensitized, and no user chat logs will be read.

In response to these questions, on January 9, 2019, Tencent replied to reporters that it has always been WeChat's principle to respect and protect user privacy. In strict compliance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, all data in the WeChat Annual Data Report has been anonymized and desensitized, and does not involve the private content of specific users. WeChat does not read or retain any user's chat history, and the chat content is only stored on the user's mobile phone, computer and other terminal devices. 」

Experts: Only technically able to view content Protecting privacy is the bottom line that service providers must keep

The reporter checked the "WeChat Privacy Guidelines" and found that its "Information Security" section stated that "We will use various security measures within the security level to protect the information. For example, we use encryption technology (e.g., SSL), anonymization processes, and other means to protect your personal information. 」

SSL technology refers to Secure Socket Layer, and Zhu Cong (a pseudonym), a post-doctoral student of Nanyang Polytechnic University specializing in Internet, explained that, in simple terms, under SSL encryption, messages sent and received between users are relayed through the server backend, and when messages are passed between users and servers, users and servers will negotiate a key used to encrypt data.

The company's main goal is to provide a platform for the development of a new product that will be available to the public. Chu Chung said.

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po

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