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WeChat chat history recovery feature has been released

WeChat chat history recovery step one

First of all., Let's tap on WeChat., Open the top right corner of the"+" size, That's where we usually add our friends, This time the search page will be displayed。

WeChat Chat History Recovery Step 2

Same as adding friends, We enter the command in the text box":recover", You must be careful., The letters entered must be preceded by a colon, If it doesn't work, don't worry., Change the colon to a semi-colon or convert between full-colon symbols, That'll do it.。

WeChat Chat History Recovery Step 3

After clicking search, the page will show the fault repair tool, below there are types of data recovery about WeChat records: chat history, friends and favorites, these are the ones we use more often, which one you need to recover click in.

WeChat Chat History Recovery Step 4

WeChat hidden auxiliary tools inside the current official release of a total of four, of which there are three are upload logs, upload files and js debugging function, select the appropriate command input can be, remember to bring: sign.

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