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WeChat chat history recovery: recover command

When it comes to data recovery, I believe old Apple drivers will think of using iTunes and iCloud, and today we will tell you about these two data recovery methods.

iTunes Recovery.

I believe you do not have a pattern for iTunes, which is an official digital media playback software, in addition to backup and restore data ~ the data backed up is usually saved on your computer, which is suitable for long-term backup.

iCloud Recovery.

iCloud is a cloud-based service provided by Apple. Every Apple user who opens this feature can store the contacts, emails, calendars, photos and many other data in their Apple devices in this space. This storage process is generally opened after the feature is opened and will be automatically backed up when accessing WiFi ~ suitable for emergency backup.

However, iTunes backups and iCloud backups are both whole backups, which can easily overwrite existing data in your phone, plus iTunes backups are not directly readable. That's kind of a downside to both kinds of backups~

Three, Happy Phone Recovery Master

) Step 1: We can directly go to the official website of Happy Mobile Recovery Master to download the software and choose the version that suits your computer system to download.

Step 2: Run Happy Phone Recovery Master, the software supports three recovery modes, namely "Recover by Device Scan", "Recover by iTunes Backup" and "Recover by iCloud Backup". The software defaults to the [Recover by Device Scan] interface, and we will recover the WeChat chat history of the phone in this mode. We click [Next] to continue.

Step 3: In the interface of data icons, the software supports recovery of 17 kinds of data, click on the icon to recover the corresponding data. How do we do the recovery of WeChat chat history? Find the [Wechat Chat History] icon and click it to scan the data.

Step 4: The scan will take 3-5 minutes, and this has to do with the memory of the phone. We wait patiently for the data scan to complete and do not do anything to the phone while waiting, let alone unplug the data cable.

WeChat chat history recovery? These are the recovery methods other than recover, isn't it super useful? If you need to recover WeChat chat logs, you just need to follow the tips of Happy Phone Recovery Master and choose each step accurately, hope it can help you. Want more iPhone tips? Please refer to the tutorial at

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