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1。Set the starting hand

2.Open the software and you can see through the player's cards

3. Card-keeping function

4.Set to change your own deck

5.UDP instant message

6.Calibration ASCLL code

7.Automatic postponement in case of network delay or crash

8. Scanning for similar software prompts whether to exit the room

9. good cards to start with

10. grape, Android Universal

Python Foundation Stage

Installing Python in Section 1


Why install Python

I don't know if you dudes and dudettes have ever thought about this. Why should the first step in learning a programming language start with installation? If that thought ever crosses your mind, then give yourself a round of applause, success means you have a lot of potential because you had a hard time convincing yourself you were a layman! Hahahahahaha, just kidding!

reason: The language is installed, It is equivalent to providing an environment for the language to be interpreted or understood and run by machines, With this environment the computer can understand what the code you write means, How is it going to react to you next?。 in other words, Just like we learn to speak English., Someone has to be willing to give us a chance to talk., With an environment that can be understood and used by all who understand English。 I don't know if this explanation is satisfactory to anyone。


Install python

downloadingPython: log inhttps://www.python.org/downloads/ Then click on —> as if【 chart1】 as shown, For your computer systemPython3.7 Download the version of, For example, you areWindow The system you just click on【Windows】, Click if it's an apple【Mac】。 note: It is advisable to download3.0 The above version, Because so manyPython3.0 The following third-party libraries are no longer updated。

Clicking on [Windows] or [Mac] will take you to the download options screen. Because mine is a Win10 system. So let's share the whole process of installing Python 3.7 under [Windows] as an example.

Click [Download] of Python 3.7.0 to enter the following Figure 1, choose the version that suits your computer's operating system bit (32-bit or 64-bit OS), if you don't know the bit number of your system, right click on my computer and then check it, as shown in Figure 2 below, mine is a 64 micro OS, download the one marked in red in Figure 1, if it is 32-bit, download Windows x86 executable installer.

Once the download is complete begin the installation steps.

Installing Python 3.7.0.

[Double-click] python-3.7.0-amd64.exe. The Python 3.7.0 installation window will pop up, as shown below: select Custom Install and check the [Add Python3.7 to PATH] below. Since I've already installed it, I won't go over it again.

special attention: It's best to have a good time atD Create a folder in the disk named in English, When customizing the installation, Just install it in this folder。 as if, The path to my installation is in D:pythonEnv At home in the document, Just name the folders as you remember them。

Once the installation is complete it is time to configure the environment variables.

Win7 or Win10 in [My Computer] right click [Properties] to find [Advanced System Settings] left click Enter, then find [Advanced Environment Variables]. As shown in Figure 1, Figure 2 below.

【 clicking】 go into chart below1 findPath perhapsPATH merge【 double click】 Go to Figure2 interface clicking【 newly built】 Then take your installation directory'sScript Enter the directory。 For example, my installation path is inD:pythonEnv downwards, Then I'll enter D:pythonEnv;D:pythonEnvScripts; Then click on【 identify】【 identify】【 identify】。

special attention:Win7 Under enter this path must be entered with“;”( Semicolon in English, as if D:pythonEnv;D:pythonEnvScripts; )


Checking for successful installation

Click Win+R to bring up the [Run] window and then type cmd and click [OK] and then you will be in the Windows dos command window,. This is shown in Figure 1 below. Then type python and the following figure 2 is displayed to show that you have installed it successfully.

Then it's time to write the code.

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