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Web Development - A Simple Comparison of Server-Side Application Technologies

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When developing dynamic websites, server-side technologies are inseparable, and the main server-side technologies are CGI, ASP, PHP, ASP. NET and JSP.


CGI (Common Gateway Interface) was the first technology used to create dynamic web pages that allowed interaction between the browser and the server. It allows the use of different languages to write suitable CGI programs which are placed on a web server to run. When the client sends a request to the server, the server creates a new process to execute the specified CGI program in response to the user request and returns the execution result to the client's browser in the form of a web page for display. Although CGI is the current technology underlying the application, this technology is difficult and inefficient to compile because the server is required to re-write the CGI program into executable code each time a page is requested. The most common languages used in CGI are C/C++, Java andPerl


ASP (Active Server Page) is a very widely used technology for developing dynamic websites. It generates dynamic content by embedding the VBScript or JavaScript scripting language in the page code. However, the script program can only be executed by calling the interpreter after the appropriate interpreter has been installed on the server side, and then the result is combined with the static content and delivered to the client browser. For some complex operations, ASP can call the COM components that exist in the background to complete, so that COM formation infinitely expands the capabilities of ASP, because of this a local COM components, making it mainly used in the Windows NT platform. It has the advantage of being easy to learn and ASP is bundled with Microsoft's IIS, which can be installed at the same time as the WIndows operating system to run ASP programs.


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor Hypertext Preprocessor) syntax similar to C, and a mix of Perl, C++ and some features of Java, it is an open source Web server scripting language, and ASP as you can add script code to the page to generate dynamic content. For some complex operations it can be encapsulated in a class or function. Many functions are provided in PHP that have been defined, such as the standard database interface provided, and the number of database connections are easy and scalable. PHP can be supported on multiple platforms, but it is the UNIX/Linux platform that is most widely used. Since PHP itself is open to the public with code that has been tested by many software engineers, the technology has proven security properties.


This technology for building dynamic web applications, which is part of the .NET Framework, can be used with any . NET-compatible language to write ASP.NET applications. Compiling with VisualBasic.NET, C#, J#, ASP.NET pages (Web Forms) can provide superior performance over scripting languages. Web Forms allows powerful forms to be built on top of web pages. When building a page, you can use ASP.NET server-side controls to build common UI elements and program them to perform general tasks. These controls allow developers to quickly build Web Forms using built-in reusable formations and custom formations to make code simple.


JSP (Java Server Pages) is developed on the basis of Java, so it follows the powerful API features of Java, JSP pages in the HTML code used to display static content parts, embedded in the page of Java code and JSP tags to generate dynamic content parts. JSPs can be pre-compiled, which increases the speed of the program. In addition JSP developed applications can be run anywhere and anytime after a single compilation, so in most system platforms, the code can run in any server that supports JSP without making changes.

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