Wedding red packet map Jiangxi people's "meaning" is "how many meanings"?

▪ China's Jiangxi Province, reporter Wang Fan / article

Apart from the New Year's Eve red packets for children, people usually spend the most on wedding red packets. China Jiangxi reporter through the big river data comb found that China's East China, North China red packet specifications are generally higher, Zhejiang and Shanghai became the "most face" area, with the average price of 1000 yuan. The average price of a share in Jiangxi is around 600 yuan, which is in the middle of the country.

Jiangxi people's "share of the money" in the country is a medium level

The results of a big data survey on the level of wedding red envelopes around the world show that Zhejiang and Shanghai have the largest red envelopes, requiring an average of 1,000 yuan, Jiangsu is second, with an average of around 800 yuan; Jiangxi has an average price of around 600 yuan, which is a medium level in the country; Guangdong and Yunnan have the smallest red envelopes, with an average price of around 100 yuan.

However, there are also in Guangdong business people in Jiangxi said, in Guangdong to participate in the wedding 100 yuan red envelope is not possible, the local wedding popular "add makeup gift", if also sent other gifts of great value, such as gold jewelry or something, red envelope only a couple of hundred yuan meaning can be understood.

In addition, big data show that the average price of "share" in the six central provinces in the range of 200 yuan to 600 yuan. Among the six provinces, Jiangxi ranked first with an average price of 600 yuan.

Call to arms: red packets should return to the original spirit of mutual aid

The vast majority of people surveyed believe that it is necessary to "pay it forward" as a part of the interaction between friends and family.

Mr. Li, a doctor from the history department of a university in Jiangxi, told reporters that "share also writes molecules, an old word that has been popular since the middle of the Ming Dynasty and appeared in Tang Xianzu's Peony Pavilion. This call, in itself, shows the ethos of group effort and mutual assistance. Because organizing a red or white wedding means spending money, and a share of the money from friends and relatives can relieve some of the burden on the host family. The phenomenon of portions is intrinsically linked to our traditional culture and is one of the embodied forms of courtesy. "

A folklore expert in Nanchang told reporters: "In the past, it was hardly the custom to pay out a share of the money, but usually send some necessary necessities in life. Then came the slow emergence of gift money, which gradually evolved from the earliest $2, $4, and $6 to today's standard. "

In the interview, there is also a public appeal, should not let human relations become a burden, "the tradition of courtesy more need to return to its original intention of mutual assistance. "

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