Weekly report on technological advances in the knowledge chain

Project key node plan

7 October 2017 . Test chain online

Test chain block browser goes live

V0.2 wallet development completed

January 2018 (to be determined). Main Chain Online

Mainchain Block Browser goes live

Main Chain Wallet Launch

Main Chain Source Code Release (GitHub)

February 2018. Mobile Wallet Goes Live

May 2018 . Cooperate with the partner's intellectual property mall to launch

Progress in project development

Blockchain development progress: the blockchain modules are currently in the testing phase, as follows.

(1) Pre-release testing of the wallet client this week.

Full Node Wallet Bookkeeping Status Adjustment

Add RPC interface to SendTokenMany

Fix some trading function limitations

(2) Test chain operational status tracking, test transactions based on the test chain are currently ongoing and the test work carried out this week included.

Pre-release functional verification tests (test chain gamma run tests)

Software release process testing

(3) Develop a cross-platform multi-currency mobile wallet based on Cordova architecture, complete the preliminary architecture design work, and now enter the code development stage.

Terminal IPC CreateTx Library Debugging

Node Service Node Database Block Synchronization Debugging

Code integration coupling internal testing (white box testing)

(4) Product development and design.

According to the market demand, we are currently studying the application model in the field of digital assets of the knowledge chain and conducting the preliminary technical framework design.

Researching digital asset extension trading models

Prepare for the official website revamp in conjunction with the launch of the main chain

Immediate focus of project development

In response to pre-commissioning and testing, the near-term focus will be on.

(1) Specify release process rules and perform final pre-release testing in accordance with the release process

(2) Design and development of official website revamp

(3) Preparing the project plan for the Intellectual Property Mall and preparing the technical framework design for the Mall

(4) Preparations for the release of the public chain are gradually underway, and the public chain is planned to be released in the near future.

γ version of the test browser address


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