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Weixiang Technology Fujian Branch was established in full speed to accelerate the national strategic layout

On January 9, 2018, in order to better provide parking-related O2O services and contribute to the field of urban smart parking, Weixiang Technology Co. set up Fujian branch with a strategic vision.

The official opening of Wistron Technology Fujian Branch marks the birth of a new intelligent parking business and service model in Fujian, with its own leading service market awareness, actively expanding the city map of an important deployment, leading the new development of intelligent transformation in the field of parking!

Ltd. CEO Wang Zhicheng said that the goal of truly solving the problem of smart city parking and moving forward to bigger and stronger will always remain the same. Because of the continuous development of the city economy in recent years, the planning of urban buildings, "parking" as a necessary complementary facility, the adequacy will certainly be guaranteed, but the parking resources and parking demand can not be efficiently matched, resulting in a waste of resources, so that the city parking difficulties. The active development of urban parking that explores Internet + parking will become the new business of the day.

Weixiang Technology has been committed to solving user needs, from the user's point of view, to open up the user and parking information island, the function greatly alleviates the contradiction between supply and demand of domestic urban parking, from resource integration to redistribution and help solve the problem of urban congestion.

The advantages of the product are brought into play through continuous innovative mechanisms that really drive parking services to a new level. Thereafter the branch will also continue to improve the response speed and quality of service to local customer needs, to provide users with more complete intelligent parking solutions and more personalized Internet professional parking solutions, and to provide more support to partners, continuous efforts will be parking and a series of smart city O2O needs to improve the level of service management to make greater contributions.

Since its inception, we have developed and operated the intelligent parking mobile phone system--Yo Parking App in line with the concept of "Internet+Parking". Through independent development chip implanted in the gate system, it has three wisdom cores: independent platform server, database server and gate system server, realizing four modules of information traffic: server, parking gate system, parking space geomagnetic induction, and user's mobile phone terminal, satisfying users with the whole process of parking-related services from finding empty parking space, reserving parking space, route navigation, parking timing, intelligent payment to exit without interruption.

When it comes to the prospect of "Internet + parking" industry, Wang Zhicheng, CEO of Weixiang Technology Co., Ltd. is full of confidence, he clearly said that after the establishment of the branch, we will respond more quickly to customer demand, in order to bring users a convenient and fast parking experience at the same time, to achieve efficient mobilization of urban parking spaces, to solve the city congestion rate. The accumulated management ideas, IT technology, solutions, industry application experience and service capabilities of Wistron Technology are better replicated to the regional market, effectively providing quality services to users and being a long-term partner trusted by users. " Little by little, one step at a time, guided by a common ideal goal, with the active cooperation of the company team, we have reason to believe that this is just the beginning!

The formation and formal operation of the branch company is the crystallization of the brand value transfer of Wistron Technology, and an important milestone of leapfrog development, which will continue to contribute to the realization of intelligent parking and the field.

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