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West County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau "three services" to expand the work injury recognition

Firstly, we provide a caring service and innovate the case handling mechanism. The traditional way of identification is changed, and the evidence materials of work injury identification are retrieved from the perspective of the injured workers, and the work of work injury identification is changed from mechanical passivity to flexibility and initiative; the collection of evidence related to administrative approval, labor supervision and labor dispute arbitration is increased to reduce the occurrence of reconsideration and litigation cases and shorten the time cost of workers' rights; for the cases of uninsured workers applying for work injury identification, the innovative way of handling cases while identifying and conciliating is used to concurrently identify and conciliate, which effectively prevents possible malicious reconsideration and litigation by employers and actively protects the legitimate rights and interests of injured workers.

Secondly, reminder services are provided to extend injury prevention services. Establishing a database of work-related injuries, regularly conducting key interviews with employers with a high incidence of work-related injuries in the database, helping enterprises to study the causes of work-related injuries, solving the sources of accidents, providing them with work-related injury prevention advice, and taking the initiative to extend their work functions; organically combining "making return visits, listening to feedback and conducting consultations", tracking the implementation of work-related injury prevention advice by enterprises, and giving full play to the role of guidance, publicity and education in work-related injury prevention.

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