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What are the areas of research and application of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence application areas machine translation, intelligent control, expert systems, robotics, language and image understanding, genetically programmed robot factories, automated programming, aerospace applications, huge information processing, storage and management, performing tasks that cannot be performed by chemosynthetic life forms or are complex or large in scale, etc. A new technical science that studies and develops theories, methods, techniques and applied systems for simulating, extending and expanding human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that attempts to understand the essence of intelligence and produce a new intelligent machine that can respond in a similar way to human intelligence, and research in this field includes robotics, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and expert systems. Since the birth of artificial intelligence, theories and technologies have become increasingly mature, and the application areas have been expanding. It is conceivable that the technological products brought by artificial intelligence in the future will be the "containers" of human intelligence. Artificial intelligence allows for the simulation of human consciousness, the information processes of the mind. Artificial intelligence is not human intelligence, but can think like and possibly exceed human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an extremely challenging science, and those who work in it must be computer literate, psychological and philosophical. Artificial intelligence is a very broad science that encompasses different fields such as machine learning, computer vision, etc. In general, one of the main goals of AI research is to enable machines to perform complex tasks that normally require human intelligence to do. But different times and different people have different interpretations of this "complex work". In December 2017, artificial intelligence was selected as one of the "Top 10 Chinese media buzzwords of 2017".

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