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What does the first blockchain medical insurance from Easyfunding in association with an insurance company look like?

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Economic Observation Network Reporter Jiang Xin Million Dollar Medical Insurance has a new twist.

On October 29, Huatai Insurance, China Reinsurance and Easyfund jointly launched a blockchain-based insurance product for the whole industry chain, Hongfu eLife Premium Million Medical, which not only realizes the application of blockchain underlying technology to the whole insurance industry chain, but also reduces the tail risk of users and extends the tail coverage period to a maximum of three years.

The product was developed by Huatai Insurance for direct coverage, with China Re providing back-end reinsurance and Easyfunding and its Easy eBaoTech and other platforms serving as sales channels.

It is understood that the health insurance product that applies the underlying technology of blockchain to the whole insurance industry chain aims to connect the front-end channel, mid-end underwriting, claims and back-end reinsurance in real time through the trust property of blockchain technology and tamper-evident characteristics, giving Internet insurance high efficiency and high transparency and other potential capabilities.

As a low premium, high protection health insurance product, the Million Medical product has been sought after by policyholders in recent years and the number of insured has grown at a high rate, but there are still many people who have doubts about the risk of discontinuing such cost-effective health insurance products.

In fact, as the industry competition is also becoming increasingly hot, there is not much differentiation between the million medical products on the market, and how to innovate has become a problem.

On the risk of discontinuation, Hong Fook eLife Premium has made a new attempt to reduce the tail risk for users and extend the tail coverage period to a maximum of 3 years compared to the usual Mega Medical Insurance, ensuring that every policyholder has sufficient financial protection to face the risk of critical illness.

An insurance practitioner said that health insurance products need to have a good sales scenario, and both Easy Fundraising and its Easy Mutual are good sales scenarios.

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